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ARS symptoms

Hello,I was wondering the following.

If present, would ARS symptoms come all at once or one by one, for example, one day have a sore/burning/itchy or scratchy throat, a day later develop nasal congestion or runny nose, and maybe at the third day develope a dry or productive cough, lasting only the cough. Woudl this be a typical onset of ARS symptoms or not? Or would they all come at once, like, hit you at the same time?

Also, having a sore throat (burning on the back), a little nasal congestion or runny nose, and coughing ARS related or not? If it hits you at the third week post exposure, could these symptoms be considered ARS related or just common cold symptoms?
Thank you
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Reread the replies you have been given and stop making multiple threads.
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About the sore throat, runny no se, and cough, Yes, I know it is not ARS related, it is common cold. the only thing I wonder about ARS, and this is for knowledge purposes, do they hit you all at once, or do they appear gradually, one symptm one day, then another the next and spo on.

Please only enlight me on the onset of them, that is all I really need toknow.

best regards,
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Return to your original thread.
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