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ARS symptoms?

I have 2 unprotected vaginal sex with a man that i do not know his HIV status 9 weeks and 26 days ago. I have contact him but he refuse to answer my question.  

I have had a flu like symptoms around 9 days after our last intercourse(26 days or first exposure 7 weeks ago). My symptoms were fever (last for 3 days), slight headache, mouth ulcer, a night sweats (head only), sore throat, nasal congestion and tireness. I went to see doctor and given some antibiotic. After taking the antibiotic for 5 days, all these symptoms gone away after a week (2nd week, after last exposure) except the nasal congestion. The nasal congestion is at either side of my nose, do not have any discharge, come and go anytime during the day/night.

At 3rd week (7 days after last antibiotic) after the last exposure, i got acute diarrhea(watery tools) which only last for few hours. The next day after the diarrhea, i felt lack of energy for both my hands/legs (disapear after a day) and headache (sharp pain in front of my head). I also feel pain between my eyes if i apply pressure at that area. Beside, I also feel a enlarge lymph nodes at one side of my neck and 2 under my chin.  The headache gone away after 3 days. Beside, my back muscle is pain and i aslo have a joint pain at my elbow. The nasal congestion and enlarge lymph nodes still there until now. I have had a night sweat(head only) after the diarrhea.    

1. Are these symptoms suggest ARS for HIV? I very sure my symptoms is not due to my anxiety as I only been told few days ago by one of my friend about HIV ARS.  
2. Some people said ARS can happen few days after exposure. Is my timeframe fixed in even after the first exposure 9 weeks ago?
3. Is nasal congestion ARS? I have read from some website, this is one of the common cause by HIV.
4. Some symptom are common for ARS but some is uncommon. Can i be that lucky to have it all?

Hope someone can help me to clarify my doubt. I getting really worry about this symptoms.
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You took a risk by having unprotected sex. Test at 3 months post your last exposure. Use CONDOMS.
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How well did you know this guy to have unprotected sex with him? Nt calling after sex is common practice for SOME men so get tested and try not to read into it, also never allow a man to have unprotected sex with you unless you are married to him and trust that he's not gonna cheat on you man. It's 2008, everyone should know about safe sex by now...i hope your tests turn out okay Lisa. Wait until you reach 12 weeks to test for hiv & stds, hang in there...
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Should i test at 6-8 weeks as suggested by Dr HHH? I am really worry now.
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Does all my symtoms suggest HIV?
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The man has been tested HIV negative recently. He told me his last sex with other gals was 6 weeks ago.
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nope it does not but one thing you need to do is learn how to have safe sex
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Please read this post and reassess my risk before i can really move on.

The man i mentioned in this thread is my fiance. He is a naval and just come back from Phillipine after many years of service there. He has been getting sex services from local prostitute before come back from good. (high risk)

The reason why we have unprotected sex is because I am taking contraception pill and we plan to get married this year.

Something i missed out in the begining is. I did not have running nose. What is did have is nasal congestion with some white/yellow discharge (in very small quantity). My first symptom does not look like common cold or flu neither. I do have mouth ulcer during the onset of the first flu like symptoms.

All this symptoms are unexplained and pointed to ARS. The only thing i do not have is rash.

I am calm and just need someone to tell me the truth, if any.

Please give me some fact. many thanks.

The nasal congestion, mild joint/muscle pain, diarrhea, headache and mouth ulcer common even during ARS? I alway think this only happen after ARS or when you immu system became very weak after at least few months of exposure?

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Taking contraceptive meds doesn't prevent you from contracting HIV or other STDs. HIV has no specific symptoms and the only way to know if you were exposed is by testing. There is nothing more to tell you.
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This my 4 week after the last exposure. I just got my Elisa testing result back is negative. Do i still need further testing?
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The majority of  people who contract hiv seroconvert @ 30 days so your negative result  is a promising outcome. You can test again @ the 8 week mark which will be even more encouraging, 12 weeks will be conclusive for you. I doubt this guy has hiv  but it's important you test all the way through to 12 weeks and practice safe sex every time from now on Lisa, that's paramount...
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Move on.
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