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Hello, My wife was raped 4 months ago during a robbery, got her checked by a doctor, there was no semen, no damage and penetration was less than 5 minutes apparently. I started her with a drug called ATRIPLA about 50 hours after exposure. What are her chances of getting infected for HIV and how effective is Atripla in Preventing it?? What is the success rate of ATRIPLA??
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nPEP success rate is 86% apx.
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She will need to be tested 3 months after her last dose of nPEP, not from the day of the assault.

So sorry you and your wife are going through something so horrendous.  My heart goes out to you.
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Thx Nursegirl!!! we are taking it one day at a time. we are getting near to the three months after the last dose, some people say we need to retest at 6 and 12 months. What are the probability that if this first test comes out negative, the other two might be positive??
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3 months post the last dose is conclusive.
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THX Teak! it is very comforting to know the success rate is reasonably high! Im praying test comes out negative.
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3 months will be 100% conclusive--there is no need to test at 6 or 12 months.Sorry for the pain this terrible event must have caused your family.I wish you & your wife all the best.
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Good luck.
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Thx Rainlover!! It has been difficult but she is strong!! you guys help alot cause we had a lot of doubts and didnt know about Pep treatment until this happened. So THX for your help to all of you!!!
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You're welcome & please let us know the results.Take care.
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Good luck . Take care.
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A little over Three Months after the Pep treatment, my wife went to take the Hiv test (elisa test). Im happy to report it was NEGATIVE!!!! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU, YOUR SUPPORT AND ADVICE. What you do here is GREAT!!! GOD BLESS YOU !!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!! AND THX AGAIN!!!!
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I've come across your story when searhing the same question "success rate fo Atripla" .  My son was resently raped, we have started him on the Atripla with in 12 hours after the attack and i am so hopefull after reading your wife is Negative.  Good luck to you and your wife, stay strong
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