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Abnormal Blood Test

Help please, had unprotected sex recently.  The person that took this test is high risk IMO (multiple partners prob no protection) and gave me HSV-2 but I'm afraid they might have also passed along HIV.  The HIV result for this person was non-reactive but I'm having symptoms that I feel are not related to herpes (joint popping all-over, low grade 97.3 fever, sensitivity to sunlight, can only sleep for 3 hrs at most, not just because of the stress even with Tryptophan and Melatonin supplementation) and this person is so ignorant they don't want to consider that they might be getting a false negative HIV because of being within the 3-6 month window.  She's brickwalling me now and says I'm crazy but I know what I'm feeling and I'm scared herpes is not the only culprit.  Anyway, could these values indicate a recent or acute HIV infection that hasn't seroconverted yet?

Sedimentation Rate: 9 (mm/hr) Normal
WBC: 10.5 (k/ul) Normal
RBC: 4.6 (mill/mm) Normal
**Hemoglobin: 12.1 (g/dl) Low
Hematocrit: 39.4% Normal
MCV: 86 (fl) Normal
**MCH: 26.4 (pg) Low
**MCHC: 30.7 (g/dl) Low
**RDW: 15.4% High
Platelet Count: 339 (thousand) Normal
**LY% 14% Low
MO% 07% Normal
**GR% 77% High
EO% 0.5% Normal
BA% 0.5% Normal

RPR Non-Reactive
HIV Screen: Non-Reactive

HSV-1 Igg 3.4
HSV-2 Igg 1.0

I have tested several times and haven't even seroconverted for HSV-2 and HIV is non-reactive at 4 weeks, but I am scared stiff.  Any help is appreciated, and please don't tell me to wait I already know that I can't expect accurate HIV results until a least 6-8 weeks or 3 mths then 6 for final answer.

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The window period is 4 weeks to 3 months and don't call someone ignorant when you were the one that unprotected sex. Your 3 month post exposure test will be conclusive.
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I'm sorry if that sounded offensive but I'm desperate...  Can anything be inferred from these results?
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Of course not. Those results won't tell you anything about your HIV status.
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