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About AIDS window period

There are several questions to enquire:

1、According to the latest research on what is the conclusion, most new AIDS window period??

2、Detection of the same in 5 weeks time, the three generation detection certainly less than the four generation?  The 4th generation of detection can be final judgement and the 3th generation can't??

3、Even if the woman is damaged or oral ulcer, man penis injury, oral sex for the man it is no risk?? (Including licking anus behavior)
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Wrong forum.  Re-post  in the HIV prevention forum, please.
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Oops, never mind. You posted this question in both the STD and HIV forums. The one in the STD forum will be deleted.

1,2) For the DUO test (i.e. 4th generation, for both HIV antibody and p24 antigen), 4 weeks is the window. For antibody testing alone (3rd generation) almost all new infections give positive results by 6 weeks, although the official recommendation remains 3 months.

3) There have been no reported, proved cases of HIV transmission from mouth to penis, even with oral ulcers or other oral health problems. Analingus (oral-anal contact) also probably is extremely low risk, maybe zero.

If you still are worried, have an HIV test. If these are your only exposures, the result will be negative.
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I would contact your lab and ask them to clarify it.
If they don't know what tests they are using, then they should not be testing people.
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