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About saliva test method

It is hotly spreaded on internet in China that some kind of test material which uses the candidate's saliva rather than the convetionally used-----body blood.

I have question about this kind of new invention:Is the window period of this test method longer than the blood test?
Or,in other word,in the three months mark,is it less conclusive than the blood test?

It is important to protect us,cause it is so convinient that we can test our partner before sex anyway.
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If you are talking about the method using an oral swab? It is the same as a blood test, conclusive at 12 weeks
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Exactly,by oral liquid.
The anti-body in the blood is more intensive than those in other kind of body liquid,such as vaginal liquid and sperm.So In my conception,it will be more easy to test by blood than by other kinds of liquid,so the conclusive window period postphones.  
I am gonna ask for more information to confirm this,I will be back with the replies from doctors.
Thank u so much.
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1. Rapid oral tests are not new.
2. At three months are just reliable as any test
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Regarding the efficacy of home testing kits, they are as reliable at 12 weeks as blood drawn test. But something you've written concerns me.
You stated..........."It is important to protect us,cause it is so convinient that we can test our partner before sex anyway."

Please read the following which is a statement from the makers of OraQuick, one of the major manufacturers of home test kits approved by the FDA here in the States:

~There's a period of time after a person is infected during which they won't test positive. This is called the HIV "window period."

The window period can be from 10 days to 3 months, depending on the person's body and on the HIV test that's used. During that time, you can test HIV-negative even though you're HIV-positive. You can still get HIV from someone who is in the window period. In fact, there is evidence that a person in the window period is more likely to pass the virus on.~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

What concerns me is your thinking that you can test someone before having sex and believing that a negative result is 100% conclusive. If you reread what is written above, you will understand why those results should NOT be trusted.

The ONLY way to protect yourself AND your partner from HIV is to use a condom every time you have sex.
You may not like using condoms, but it's way better than living with HIV for the rest of your life.  
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