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About testing hiv really worry

Hi I will try to explain fast please help
Will am a dental student I have done unprotected sex I have experience swallon lymph nodes , sore throat , many symptoms my testing is done in egypt was list as follow
Day18 p24 -ve pvt real-time not the nuclei acid -ve.  
Then many Elisa after 6 month -ve the issue is that they have a old technology test can detect IGG infection last test is done after after a year was rapid test -ve but still have swallow lymph from 22-5-2017 please I know it’s swallowed as I did a ultrasound on it.
Question 1- do I have subtype can’t be detect.
2- what to do next. Thanks I am really worried please answer me
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1) very very unlikely. Test can detect almost all types
2) swollen lymph nodes does not mean hiv. As a dental student you should know how the immune system works. It may be other infections that is not hiv.
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Thanks for the answer  I know does not mean hiv but I have done all thing except lymph biopsy
But lymph can return to normal after a month or two my lymph is pulse and been since 22-05-2017 till now
Anyway god bless u
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You've tested negative repeatedly after 6 months and a year, therefore you clearly don't have HIV. You should be seeking other reasons for your swollen lymph node. It could be anything, from something minor to something very serious. Go see a doctor to get a full evaluation. But you have 100% ruled out HIV with multiple negative tests so that's definitely not the problem.
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Thanks you gave me confidence
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