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About to crawl out of my skin with worry

Two weeks ago I engaged in unprotected anal sex with another man. He did not cum inside me; however, there may have been some pre-cum--which can't be ruled out.

Approximately week later, I took an Oraquick test and it was negative. I have noticed; however, a rash on my forehead that is really noticeable after a shower, but lightens up considerably when the skin is dry. My forehead feel a little tight, and slightly itchy, and when looked at closely, it appears that there may be tiny bumps on my forehead--especially in the center. The splotches seem to extend from my hairline down to just above my eyebrows covering my whole forehead. To my knowledge, I'm not experiencing any other symptoms. I have poked and prodded my lymph nodes and don't feel any actual swelling. I have taken an RNA HIV test the other day, but the results are not yet back.

Does anyone have any information for me on this? In the absence of other symptoms does it seem I may have HIV? My appetite has also been down, but I'm not for certain this is not due to my worry and stress.
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Doctors can't diagnose hiv from symptoms so no one here pays attention to them and you shouldn't either. You don't know what lymph is supposed to feel like, so do your body a favor and stop examining, poking and irritating it. The best thing you can do now is forget about the encounter as much as you can and stop googling cold turkey because the only diagnostic is the test that you need to take. A duo is conclusive after 4 weeks so take that instead of what you have been doing.
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I understand why you are worried, you did have a risk if you had unprotected anal sex.  However, a single exposure of unprotected anal is still a very low risk around 1 percent.  So, try to keep that in mind and your worry in perspective. All the things you are trying to talk about such as rashes and lymph nodes aren't going to be HIV related.  Symptoms are not used to diagnose HIV.  Only tests. Your RNA test if done at least 9 to 11 days should give you a decent idea. And then test again at 28 days with a 4th gen duo test at 28 days or beyond.  If both of those are negative, you can rest assured you are negative and I'd guess you are overall.  
Your words are reassuring. Thank you. I'm just concerned because a rash is one of the early signs of HIV infection. I'm also not that hungry... most likely due to the anxiety and stress waiting on my test results. I took the RNA test 13 days after potential exposure. I hear it is reliable after 9 - 11 days going and pretty determinative by 28. Of course, every little tingle or ache throws my mind into overdrive. I can't believe how foolish and stupid I was to have done what I did. I know better. But, the anxiety is overwhelming. Yes, I need to stop doing internet searches on every little physical frailty... ugh!
Early signs of HIV is a myth.  Rashes happen for a myriad of reasons and doctors do not look at that in reality as a sign of HIV.  HIV is only considered detected through testing.  Yes, you aren't hungry because you are stressed.  You really have little to worry about.  Your risk was 1 percent.  That means what?  That you very much are statistically likely to be negative.  I'd count on it.  You will have to stay busy while you wait until day 28 for the 4th generation DUO test but expect it to be negative and stay OFF the internet until then.  
"The best thing you can do now is forget about the encounter as much as you can and stop googling cold turkey because the only diagnostic is the test that you need to take. "
Thanks for the replies. I have been going absolutely nuts. I took an HIV RNA test on day 22 that came back negative. I had also taken a 4th Generation test on day 13 that was negative (the RNA test was with that 4th Gen., but apparently my blood sample had “disintegrated” so they had to do another blood draw for the RNA. I then did a 10 Panel STD check on day 29 and all tests came back negative — this included a 4th Generation HIV test as well. On day 38 I had another 4th Generation and IgG Herpes 1 & 2 test with negative results. I plan on having another ten panel screening (that includes IgG for Herpes 1 & 2 + 4th Generation) on day 50.

Of concern to me is that my Doctor tested me Syphilis and Chlamydia and Chlamydia. I tested positive for anal Chlamydia and while I took 2 Azithromycin that didn’t clear it up. I have just begun Doxycycline 100 mg 2 x a day. But, from what I’ve read, having an STD such as this dramatically increases ones chances of HIV infection.

I have small sores cropping up all over the inside of my mouth. They are tiny red spots. And I have off white colored areas in my mouth as well that seem to be suggestive of other burgeoning small sores. A few yellowed patches on my gums. From what I’ve read mouth sores of this nature, while also associated with stress, are also indicative of viral infection or the body fighting off infection.  I don’t have any on the outer lips, and my tongue sometimes stings. I am deeply concerned that I may have contracted oral herpes. While my throat doesn’t really hurt, it is red with spots on the back and on my tonsils as well. These have been going on the entire time it seems… perhaps more noticeable after the first week. I also noticed the week after I had taken the Azithromycin I had a very small fissure on the lower part of my rectum, but that healed within a day, as well as some redness in my testicles.

I have read that 4th Generation testing is pretty good at day 28, but I am clearly very concerned. I don’t have blisters or anything like that that suggests herpes, but I can’t explain what is going on inside my mouth, and I’m concerned that is indicative of seroconversion for HIV — or herpes. I am freaking out to the extent that my Dr. prescribed me a very low dose of Xanax. My main concern is that it doesn’t seem any of these tests are all that reliable until 12 weeks have passed. I am in constant fear of a temperature, headache, or just about everything now. And I do have occasional aching under my left arm pit, which suggests that a lymph node may be swollen.

I’m going nuts with worry and don’t know how the hell I’m going to make it to December this way.
You have already talked about your rashes and were told to stop looking for myth early signs,  and that 4 weeks is all you need to wait for a conclusive test. You have disagreed with all of the advice. You haven't listened to any of the advice so I don't know why you keep posting the same things because the advice can't change.
Boil it down, please:
1) When did you take the RNA test and what was the result?
2) When did you take the latest HIV test, and what generation?
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