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Accuracy of RapidTest after 7 weeks (3 weeks post Pep)?

Hey all,
So, 7 weeks, and 4 days ago I had unprotected receptive oral sex with a transgender woman, while really drunk. I don't recall any other activity, and she says nothing else occurred. But I'm not 100% sure. Certainly my back end didn't hurt or feel...entered anyway. I was concerned out enough to seek PEP at 60 hours and was prescribed it. I tested negative on a PCR RNA test at three weeks post exposure (while on PEP). I followed the PEP diagnosing instructions religiously, and missed no doses.
Now, at 7 weeks (3 weeks post PEP) I've tested negative on a blood-based Rapid Test, and am waiting on the DUO TEST results in a week or so. I haven't had any seroconversion symptoms yet, but the stress is giving me some fun side effects like a tight throat, and some depression. I respect the opinions of these boards, which I 've used to learn a whole lot more about HIV since my possible exposure.
How much more anxiety should I expend about those DUO results? Is seven weeks with the rapid test pretty reliable?
Thanks so much for anything you can offer.
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Test is conclusive and you had no risk.
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I appreciate it  a lot. For the sake of covering bases, If I don't remember and did engage in anal (receptive or insertive), might I ask: has some of the conflict over whether PEP can affects results at this stage been "decided" to a reasonable degree?
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After PEP is finished 3 month is a conlcuisve time frame. If you know that you had oral then you would have known if you had anal.
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Yeah, that seems reasonable. Thanks for the answer Vance.
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The DUO was negative at 7 weeks post exposure, 3 weeks post completion of PEP. Is the general consensus still a test at 3 and 6 months? Or just three months post PEP? Is the DUO pretty reassuring/close to conclusive?
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