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Accuracy of acute HIV on wikipedia


How accurate is the acute HIV description on wikipedia? There is a diagramtic description showing all the areas that are affected.

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what?  you want us to look it up and see what it says??????????????????
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You could always answer my message and put me out of my misery instead because its driving me crazy! I dont mean to go on but one reply to a question i've asked I think would be fair....
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well, they say it's between 2 - 4 weeks, so i'm not sure about that, that's why i asked.
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Sorry again, the diagram there is also consistent with some mononucleois symptoms so I'm not sure how accurate it is.
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if someone shows symptoms of ars...they come at 2-4 weeks after infection and last for 1-2 weeks.
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the same symptoms of ars are also associated with numerous other everyday, common illnesses.  this is the reason symptoms are never a reliable indicator of hiv and only a test will diagnose hiv.
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Thanks Lizzie, I'm dreading to go for a test, I need to get some guts soon, the sex I've had has been protected but some 10 days after I had sex with a girl (protected), I got strep throat, which was treated after 5 days with antibiotics, I then started getting pain in my armpits and neck, later on it radiated down the arms. I also started having pain in the spleen and liver area. It's been 5 months of pain with no cough nor flu, but it started subsiding this weekend, I feel a lot better. I've never been this scared in my life, I don't know what happened, my throat is still red but not painful, the left tonsil is swollen though.
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protected sex is no risk.
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Thanks Vance but I just have no idea about what's wrong with me because the 5 months have been covered in pain and uncomfortable state, I know I'll have to go for a test at some point, I feel quite awful.
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MOVE ON ! ! ! ! !
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