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Accuracy of triline test

Can anybody here provide info about the accuracy or reliability of test by Triline method thats done in India? Have any of the experts/doctors here seen any individual whose test returned negative at 6-8 weeks turn positive later?

Thanks for reading my post. Requesting valuable advice from you all.
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Never heard of such a test but if it's approved by the fda or cdc then your fine.Your question about anyone turning positive after a 6 to 8 week negative,I,m sure it happened in the 90,s but never today with the modern tests avaliable.You haven,t even told us what your risk was.
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Thanks Lizzie,My friend you never had a risk and you have been told this several times,it will do you know good to continue asking meaningless questions when you know you don,t have Hiv.Time to except the facts,be a man and be a good husband to your wife.All you doing is fueling your anxiety by asking unnecessary questions.I think Mr Guilt trip is paying you a visit.
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