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I had an exposure quiet six months back. I have done lot of test by this time period and the last test was done after 181 days with DUO test 4th generation. I do have a white tongue when i notice my tongue. It goes if i eat something but comes back again specially in the morning. After six months i had sex with my partner and recently she had fever and swollen gland on her neck for last two days.

I was ok with my test but now i feel if i had hurt her.

i have PCR test on my third week and eighth week. Wetern blot test at 11 week and lot of duo test till my 6 months period all turned up negative.

Can you please advise the window period for HIV test. I have called lot of call centres which they all said window period is for three months and any test after can be conclusive. I just cant take that on my mind and to be frank its disturbing me a lot.

I have also tested for all STD which all turned up negative.

Is there any chance a negative at 6 months (181 days) turn positive later. As medical science say nothing is 100%. How accurate will be my test after all these test.

Can you please adivse on this mail so as to ease my mind and get rid of all these issues. Can i forget the incident and move on.

It was under alcohol which made me to all this **** and after all first time in my life..So it makes me sooo disturned and please advise
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Seek help with your drinking issues because you don't have an HIV concern.
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Teak, What will be the window period that a persn has to wait.
Any chance it can change to positive after 6 months even though a person has risky exposure vaginal.

Can i go forward with my results in fact consider i am ok. Or do i need to test again.
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3 months post exposure is when you can obtain a conclusive test result.
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Thanks Teak. So any result after three months can be conlusive.

Well it makes me bit releif. Do i need to check again??
As my partner has got fever from last two days and bit or pimples on her face from last 4 months which is on. from yesterday onwards she has got her lymoh node swollen on left side with heavy throat pain.

Are these something related as all these seems to be a ARS symptoms.
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Not with the tests you took and you aren't from the US.
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So which test make me confirm on my result if so. It was advise by you any test after three months is conclusive
I am from middle east region and the clinic over here seems to be accurate.

i have taken Elisa test twice after 3 months whcih in 90th day and one before that.

All duo test conducted was not from one lab. These were from different labs. All turned negtive.

Do i have to worry then???
As i said before last test with 4th generation DUO test was done on after 181th day.
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The ELISA test was conclusive.  You never mentioned that you had an ELISA test.
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but that was after three months say 90 days. So can i forget this incident and move withour fear.

I did this test as part of visa renewal from the government and prior to that from a private clinic.

can this be conclusive and can i move........

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You don't have HIV.
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