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Actual risk of having HIV or anxiety?

A few years ago I was sexually assaulted by an unknown man of unknown statusand did not seek medical help afterwards(my choice please don't criticize that) and now I am scared to death that I contracted HIV from it. I should also mention, I have severe OCD and worry very constantlyand irrationally. I never experienced any ars symptoms, but have gotten recurring tounge 'lie bumps' and have it's fairly white in the back when I don't scrape it off which could be thrush . About 2 months back I developedverysevere bronchitis that put me on several antibiotics and an inhailer. Recently I have started depo provera and have experienced chills, which made me very paranoid, no night sweats. have tested negative for Gonorreah and chylamydia, and took a oraquick about 3 weeks ago that said negative, 3 weeks ago I also became sexually active with my partner, and he now has a cold (which I also might have from him) but in my head I'm convinced it's ars. Someone please put my fears to rest!
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Relax, your Oraquick test done 3 weeks ago is conclusive, you do not have HIV
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I also have had sore neck where the lymph nodes are I think, but no swelling
Hi I have similar symptoms.  Did you find out what you have?
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If you were at risk few years ago, then you will NOT get ARS NOW!!
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