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Acute HIV rash

Does the onset of hiv rash after initial infection occur all over the body at one time or does it start in one place and then spread to other places over time?  I have a rash that appeared on my arm and now has spread to places on the side of my thorax and later to my legs.  As the rash spreads the other areas seem to be getting better.  Can it be HIV?  I did have an encounter with a person of unknown status and had a condom failure about 4 weeks ago.
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Dear Friend,

I think I've had this experience before, what other symptoms did you experience prior to the rash? Did you have fever (mild to high), runny nose, cough, pain in your lymph nodes especially the ones at the back of your ear?

I had a similar symptom to this, turns out that it was measles. At first I thought I was seroconverting also, then after 3 days, the fever stop and I almost feel nothing anymore, only to find out that I had rashes all over my face that later on spread to my body. While the rash spreads to the other parts, the ones at my face started to clear. In about 3 days, all the rash was gone.

I also got tested after I learned about measles, I tested negative 2 weeks post exposure to mutual masturbation and 4 months post unprotected oral sex. Both turned out negative. i am planning to take another one to get a conclusive result.

Hope I shed some light into your question.
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You never had an exposure.
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hello friend, i am a 40 year old male who has had protected sex with sex workers on and off for over a year. i have read your past posts but was hoping you could assess my individual situation.  i am concerned about hiv exposure.i shaved in my genital area and was concerned if there were razor cuts in my pubic region or area where condom may not have covered. i took qualitative rna test 28 days post exposure which came back non reactive and rna hiv-1  not detected. i know i have to wait 90 days for conclusive but the wait is stressing me awful. also it does not test for hiv-2. i would also like to know if the rna test would be effective for exposures 5 months to a year as well. your insight and risk assessment is greatly valued. thank you.
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You never had an exposure.
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even after shaving hour before exposure and possible cuts? also deep kissing? i only ask because i have had multiple encounters with sex workers. all protected but i want to put this all behind me and move on from this self destructive behavior. i value your opinion because i have seen past responses you give and dont tell people what they want to hear but about what you know.you always tell peole to test at 3 months even though i know they dont like to hear it sometimes.
again could you tell me effectiveness of rna test and if it detects for all past exposures past 28 days-to over a year. thank you again for your response and expertise. i will move on. thank you once again for your time and consideration in helping myself and others alike.
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