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Acute HIV symptoms?

Hi everyone, this has been a very helpful forum of support and info. I have genital herpes and had protected sex with a massage parlor sex worker three weeks ago. The condom was slipping out upon withdrawal and partially left inside her when I pulled out. Two days ago, I began getting weird general muscle aches and felt ill at ease. I had abdominal discomfort and began worrying that I was symptomatic of an STD. That night, I went to sleep with some considerable neck pain. One lymph node on the back of my neck left side was swollen, like a knot and about olive sized. I massaged it and it was moldy painful. I got a mild headache as well but no fever or sore throat. Last symptom I had was soreness on my left buttock and through upper thigh. Yesterday, I woke up after a full nights sleep with all symptoms gone, just some soreness still in my left buttock. This type of discomfort I have experienced b4 with herpes outbreak but did not have actual outbreak this time though. Anyway, yesterday, having started feeling much better, I lost my appetite. I began researching the symptom and my anxiety levels skyrocketed last night when I thought it could be acute HIV. This morning, third day, I am awake and writing this with still high anxiety, no other symptoms other than loss of appetite. Based on this info, and my risk exposure, any preliminary recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I also want to get tested but nit sure when to do it. It has been three weeks since risk exposure. Thanks in advance, especially to Teak whose posts have been especially helpful and informative!
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