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Acute HIV

For a period of a month, I suppose there was "some" opportunity for me to be exposed to HIV.  I had receptive oral sex with three different individuals (once each).  In no case did any of them ejaculate in my mouth.  Oral health is average.  Duration of oral activity was somewhat limited 5 - 10 mins total.  

I've read alot about the symptoms of acute HIV infection and am quite nervous.  OK, I am really nervous.  From a period ranging from 4 days to 5 weeks after these episodes I developed a rash.  They were pinkish red in color and ranged from just a centimeter or two in diameter to a half inch, maybe slightly more.  They really were not raised and did not itch.  I first noticed it after being out on a boat in a mild heat.  It disappeared after a day.  Two weeks later it was back, then disappeared again after two days.  Then, a week later it was back again.  After two days, it was gone again.

Knowing that is technically possible, I suppose, to transmit HIV via precum and oral sex... I have been obsessed with this rash being a symptom of acute HIV syndrome.  

Here's my questions:
1) Does this rash sound like the typical symptoms of acute HIV?  Is it normal for it to disappear and reappear over a 4 - 5 week period?
2) Are other symptoms normally present?  I think I had a headache for two hours once during this entire 4 week period.

No other symptoms are / were really present.

I know, I know... i really need to be tested, and will.  I am just so nervous that I am curious what your experience is with this rash and if this sounds like acute HIV or likely something else.  The fact it comes and goes seems odd to me.

Thank you!

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Hi there,

1. No
2. HIV is diagnosed through a blood test, not through signs and symptoms.

You should test?  I would not test for this 1 time incident.  However, I would recommend any sexually active person to have STI tests, including HIV, at least once a year.
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You did not have a risk of contracting HIV from receiving a blowjob, but it is possible to have contracted other STDs.
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Let me clarify... I guess it wouldnt be receptive... it'd be insertive.
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you were never at risk and your symptoms are not indicative of ARS.
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