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Acute Infection Symptoms--Rash

Dear Dr.
I'm been reading posts and your replies in this post recently. I really love the way you deal with the concerned people. When we consult experts, most of them never give a definite answer, they always say something like "it depends," "it's possible," "it varies," and etc. But your replies are not like this. Your replies can really release our concerns. Given this forum as a free service, I'd like to let you know my appreciation for your time and effort.

I might have a potential exposure to HIV virus two weeks ago, and I'm really worried about infection right now. I've done many research by myself about the acute infection symptoms, and got a question for you.

What does the acute HIV infection rash look? Are they a cluster of small bumps or apart? Two days ago, I got about 8 red rashes on my left arm. They are red spots, sparsely distributed, about 2 inches away from each other. Now, they are fading away. Are these possibly caused by HIV infection? What do the acute HIV infection rash look? They they appear in big amount and multiple areas? Do they keep growing and spreading out? How long do they last? BTW, I don't have a fever, if I do, I'll be scared to death :)

Thank you very much,

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What was your possible exposure.
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It's in a massage. I was naked and laying down on the bed. I'm concerned the bed sheet is soiled with some bodily fluid.
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HIV is unable to reproduce outside its living host (unlike many bacteria or fungi, which may do so under suitable conditions), except under laboratory conditions; therefore, it does not spread or maintain infectiousness outside its host.

You didn't have an exposure.
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Thanks for your reply. I know that the risk is zero, but just couldn't get rid of the fear. I know I'm hypochondria, but I keep thinking what if virus in the sheet goes into my body through the penis......? I'm killing myself by thinking of all the what ifs.

But anyway, if you could provide me with some more information, that could help me release, like I asked in the original post. Or some links. If I could rule out the rash as a symptom, that would be much better,
Thanks again,
Hi i am getting the same issue. Can you pkease reply what hapoen next?
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Seek a therapist for your anxiety concerns.
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I've learned this fact, but just couldn't convince myself.
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