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Acute respiratory symptoms of HIV infection


I've an encounter back in early May. Just oral sex, no ejaculation in mouth and no anal sex.
2 weeks later I develop a flu and a low grade fever (99 F). (but at that time the flu is widespread as my dad and bro also got a flu).
After the flu is healed, I developed a sore at my throat which the doctor said it's viral infection.
Then 2 days later I developed tonsillitis.
Since then I have been having a dry cough (no mucus).
Now, after almost 2 months, the cough is more severe at night.
I also feel dizzy and my jaw is painful, I don't know if it is my lymph node or whatever. It's just not sore throat but whenever I push inside my jaw, I can feel it's painful.

Am I having acute symptoms of HIV?

Please help!!
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you had NO risk

ars symptoms come at 2-4 weeks post exposure and last for 1-2 weeks. a normal temp is 98.6... ars fever is higher than 99 degrees.    your symptoms have not even indicative of infection.

once again...YOU HAD NO RISK
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I was diagnosed with hiv a year ago and now am in advance stages of hiv..a week ago my dr told me i have lactic acidosis and a few days ago I developed a very bad cough that has still not gone away, fevers off n on and congestion..constantly extremely tired, no energy..is this the beginning stages of a respiratory infection?
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it could be, you need to see your doctor. are you not receiving HAART for your HIV? you should be if you are already seeing symptoms.
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