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Aids/hiv symptoms after 2 days?

I have had sexual intercorse 2 days ago it was with this guy at school he came in last year so this is his 2nd year . I did mouth stuff to his **** and then he ejaculated but not on my mouth or face but on himself , but i touched some of the sperm with my hands without having any cuts or any thing like that then wiped it away with water/soap . It's been 2 days now and all i can think about is that he has aids and i got it from him . I mentioned that this is his 2nd year in our highschool cause i don't think someone who has aids can come to school normally and shout an dlaugh loudly etc.. he has no sign of aids like mouth pimpels or genetil pimpels but his face has alot of zits which scared me of aids . All i have felt so far is chills and night sweat , i woke up with my shirt sweaty and changed it and went back to sleep . 2nd time when i woke up 1:30 hours later i was normal no sweat or any thing but then i shivverd for a bit which is kinda normal for me? I sometimes shivver cause of cold even when im not in cold places but i was before . Now my question is : could have i got infected from him if he has aids ? And do any of the 2 sympotms that i got mean a thing since its 2 days prior ? I was thinking the night sweat might have came from anixyty about me getting infected cause its all i can think about right now
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You can't catch HiV from touching or half the country would be positive for it. People with HIv work at jobs and contact others all the time but you don't read about someone catching it from their co-worker.
You can't get it from oral either so you don't have it.

All those symptoms are what anyone fearful for his life would naturally experience, and you explained that it is fear that is governing your life now. In your case, they are not symptoms of disease; They are symptoms of a person living in terror.

Stop worrying about something you can't catch and with the fear gone you will lose the symptoms too. then you will be back to where you were 4 days ago, happy and HIV free.

When i read this i was calm for a week and the symptoms did go away like you said cause its only fear but now the guy who i wrote about is absent from school cause his throat hurts !!!! ? like .. i totally freak out/overthink about stuff he once showed me inside his mouth and there was a white shred like someone put their fingernail in and swiped his lip from inside but i thought it was one of those white mouth spot thing but then he explained that his brother pushed his lip in with his foot by mistake and the lip got heat from the metal cause he has braces on can that happen ?
You are not a doctor, so bear that in mind while you reread my post. Nothing left for me to say. so I am done
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First of all, you can't "catch" AIDS. AIDS is a syndrome, not a virus. Being infected with HIV can lead to the development of AIDS, which stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. AIDS develops when HIV has caused damage to the immune system.

Secondly, there is nothing that you have posted that is any risk for HIV. No risk means no exposure to HIV. Any symptoms you're having have nothing to do with HIV. If you're not well, then go see the doctor. But you have already ruled out HIV because you were never exposed.
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