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Aids symptoms but tested negative at 8 weeks

Back in july I had unprotected sex with a girl from canada a week and a half later I developed a stiff front neck, fever and noticed a swollen lymph node about a week later the stiff neck went away as time passed I developed more symptoms such as frequent night sweats, swollen lymph nodes in arms, neck and collar, weight loss almost 20 pounds (they call this wasting) i lost weight on my arms, legs and butt , i lost muscle mass and i began to develop missing patches of hair in my beard, i had diaharrea for almost a month and a half that just went away, i have muscle aches.... I took two hiv test one at six weeks and one at 8 weeks both negative... I have two questions if a person has aids does they pass on aids or hiv cause these seem like aids symptoms also can I trust my 8 week negative result wont turn positive at 12 weeks im currently on week 10 waiting im stressing all these symptoms that I have have HiV/ aids written all over it when I search them please help!
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Canada still holds on to the 3 month rule.  But I"ve spoken to people in AIDS Vancover who've told me since they've used 4th gen test, they've never seen anyone turn positive.  
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It would be good to double check, but if you are in Canada your most likely did a 4th gen test.  

In UK and many countries a 4th gen at 4 weeks is generally considered conclusive.   An article was recently posted that the CDC says you can test as early as 3 weeks and depend on it.   I still believe 4 weeks is better.

Also, if it was 1/2 week then again it doesn't sound like HIV.  HIV symptoms don't start until 10 - 14 days later.

Be well
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What Kind of test was done? A duo 4th gen test is conclusive after 4 weeks and a standard antibody test is conclusive after 12 weeks (practically it considered conclusive after 6 weeks). Your tests prove you are negative. Theres difference between HIV and AIDS. HIV is the virus that places the infection in the human body. AIDS is the stage which is observed if HIV is not treated. AIDS stage takes time, it doesnt come immidiately after HIV infection. Your symtoms are mind made and they are ditto like other websites state over internet. I am sure you have read articles on many websites and then you started checking for symtoms - this is anxiety. For example, you will keep on touching and pressing your lymp nodes to check if they are swollen and in turn you cause it to pain and swell. Get the anxiety out of your mind :).

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