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All ARS symptoms but Duo negative

I was incredibly stupid, 25 days ago I was in Beijing China, I got incredibly drunk and stupidly went home with a prostitute from outside a bar...
We performed unprotected oral sex on one another and then she got on top of me and we had sex until I came, I genuinely had thought she’d put a condom on me but didn’t and I didn’t realise until after.
I’ve been pulling my hair out since, convinced I’ve contracted HIV...

I spent 3 days terrified, not eating or sleeping really, on the 4-6th day I had night sweats with diarrhoea on the 5th and cramps and aches in my shoulders and neck on the 6th with appeared with a rash on my chest. The sore, tight shoulders stayed and I developed very dry mouth, damage on the edge of my tongue and cracked lips, these symptoms cleared after a few days.

So after about 12 days I felt a bit better... but on the 22nd day I got night sweats again, sore achy legs and cramps in my shoulders again and couldn’t wait any longer to get tested.
I got a combo which was negative at 22 days.

But for the last 6 days I’ve had really sore/tight shoulders and neck, travelling up both sides and round the back of my head, head aches, some more night sweats and now my tongue edge is all damaged again and I have an ulcer on the roof of my mouth...

I can’t get tested again until next week which will be 35 days but does this sound like ARS, is it likely my next test will be positive because I have so many symptoms?
Do most Chinese prostitutes have HIV?
So scared of telling my family and friends, I’ve been so stupid
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HIV docs can't diagnose from symptoms so you can't either. Stop googling for death cold turkey and stop examining your body cold turkey also, because it is a waste of time. You can get a conclusive result from a duo test in 3 more days or else take any test after 12 weeks for a conclusive result.
I am guessing that all your symptoms are in your imagination from fear, so try to relax until you test.
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Your symptoms are specific to classic anxiety signs. These don't fit in to ARS Symptoms, not even one.

Oral is not a risk for HIV. If you had unprotected vaginal or anal sex, you will have to get a test at 28 days with a IV Gen HIV test. Your result will be negative. Your risk was incredibly low.

You seem to be very anxious for such a low risk, please see a therapist of you are unable to think right.
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Is unprotected sex not quite a high risk if she was HIV positive?
All these symptoms are on every medical or government website as ARS symptoms?

I had my IV gen Duo in German at 22 days and it was negative but I’m back in China, the only test I’ve been able to find anywhere English speaking is ECLIA, do you know when this is accurate? I read 42 days somewhere?
You are wasting your time asking more questions and googling for death. No one here pays attention to symptoms -- reread about "docs" and "can't".
The only thing to do is take the test and get the answer.
You are wasting your time asking more questions about symptoms and googling for death.
Thanks for the above, do you know anymore about the ECLIA? The Chinese just said 12 weeks but I read it’s 95% accurate at 42 days?
Sorry it’s hard not to panic
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"All these symptoms are on every medical or government website as ARS symptoms? "

No. None of them are. Stiffness around neck is not equivalent or lymph node swelling, one bump on your tongue due to continuous fidgeting with it is not candida. Your diarrhoea was anxiety induced and so was your night sweat.

You are only assuming that CSW was positive, which very well might not be the case.

Also, it is very unlikely to acquire HIV from one episode of vaginal intercourse with an infected female. Usually, it is seen that for a male to get infected from a positive female, it takes multiple exposure.

Your 22 days duo changing ahead is very unlikely. You are just scared, you are not going to be HIV positive, I guarantee you. See a therapist for your fears, find out why are you so scared, sex is a normal thing, not every one around is HIV positive and not every one freaks out after a sexual intercourse. Relax, just watch some 战地枪王 while waiting on another 6 days, you will only be negative.

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equivalent of*
Hi mike, thank you for your reply, I may be misunderstanding the symptoms but just everything I read sounded a lot like everything I was experiencing to be honest.

I don’t usually mind and have quite a lot of casual sex but I’m usually very careful, always with a condom, also I’ve only been with a CSW once before and that was in Amsterdam, a lot more regulated and felt more like a business not a rough apartment block, I think this is what’s is frightening me...

One last question please if you don’t mind, I got my Duo in Germany but now I’m back in China all I can find is 3rd Gen ECLIA test which looks for anti-bodies. Do you know when this becomes conclusive? The nurse said come back at 90 days... feels like a long time, even if I’m worrying over nothing.

Thanks again
3rd Gen will give you a definitive result at 42 or later. Take it easy. You're going to be fine.
If you had to test positive, you would have in all probabilities tested positive at 22 days with a duo.

At that point, absence of p24 was an excellent sign. Also, undetected antibody meant no infection, most people would sero-convert by 14 days and a week post that detectable amount of antibodies would almost always be present. Just get a final one at 28 days with a duo or alternatively at 42 with any standard antibody test. I repeat, you are okay. Nothing to worry.
Thank you so much, really appreciate the advice and your reassurance!
I had hoped to find a duo to get it over and done but really struggling so it will be a ECLIA at 42 days!
Thank you again, hope you’re right! Cheers
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