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All symptoms after 7 months...who could help me please

Guys please;
I had a breif exposure 7 months ago, and all symptoms appeard on my 12 days later .
up to now i did 8 HIV ELISA TEST, the last one was yesterday which all were negative.
20 days after my  exposure 7 months ago (1 st of april) i had sex with my gf ,she lost 5 kg during past 3 months ago and has got enlarged lymph nodes like me .
yesterday my doctor told me i am 100% negative even though she said she cant beleive i got negative result.
me and my gf also did HIV screening test a week ago both came negative.

right now i am having :
coated tounge
enlagre lymph node in my neck
neural problem(jolting muscles)
and upset stomach...

what shuld i do righ now, i am totaly desperate...
dr told me no need to do PCR test , is there any possiblity that me and my gf get some rare strains HIV?? or our body can not produce detectable antbody???

also i did one wester blot test 1 month ago with negative result.
dr said yesterday this ELISA test is most accurate one in the world.

please let me know what should i do
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You Still Testing? Even I Stopped at 6 months. Have You Checked EBV?
My Fatigue Lasted 4 months. Lymphadenopathy for 3 Months, resulting in Shotty Glands Now. What to do? I think I told you Last time. Go and Have a Relaxing Bubble Bath or Somethin
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yeah man i still get tested,i did for syphilis and some other ...
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What's the difference between having lymphadenopathy and shotty glands? How do you tell which one you having?
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"Human lymph nodes are bean-shaped and range in size from a few millimeters to about 1-2 cm in their normal state. They may become enlarged due to a tumor or infection. White blood cells are located within honeycomb structures of the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are enlarged when the body is infected due to enhanced production of some cells and division of activated T and B cells. In some cases they may feel enlarged due to past infections; although one may be healthy, one may still feel them residually enlarged."  wilkpdia

I Had Enlarged Glands, (lymphadenopathy) Confirmed by Doctors. All Down Now, Except I Still Have Some Residual Enlargement i.e. Shotty Nodes. I think Once they Expand, They get "stretched" Fill up with lymph and Become Shotty for Life. Apparently it's Normal. I Obviously Have Antibodies to Whatever it Was. It's the Not Knowing that Freaked me Out. If you Have Swelling, You have Antibodies, Simple as that, so a HIV test would Have detected it by now.
There are Many Causes of This, Virus is the Number one. I Had a Mild Cold Recently, they became painful, so I guess I'm Stuck with these Shotty nodes. I Can only Put it down to Virus Picked up on travelling abroad. After any lymphadenopathy, Fatigue is Usually always Present for a While.

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if my symptoms is not HIV related then what kind of disease is it?
just every one tell me it is not HIV related.
should i get PCR test ?!!!?
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***if my symptoms is not HIV related then what kind of disease is it? ***

That's what doctors are for. Whatever your problem is, it has nothing to do with HIV.
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teak thx alot,on monday i m gonna do PCR test,hope it  would be negative(last test i promised it to myself)
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may i know ur idea in my case?
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why are you doing a PCR test when youve tested out to SEVEN MONTHS on antibody? you must love to waste your money. Quit touching your node.
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and i doubt your doctor said she cant believe you got a negative results after 7 other tests -- I think you misunderstood her.

Have you been diagnosed with thrush?

All your other symptoms aside from your lymph node are anxiety related.
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You Dont need PCR, I did it too. Save the Money, Donate it to a HIV charity like at thebody.

I Had PCR Remember,
Unexplained Fatigue????
I Was Super Fit before this Cr@p happened. 3 Months Ago I was Laid With Fatigue, No SIgn of Improvement, Glands Swelling Up Etc. I Took Baby Steps, First Just Walking Around the House, then the Street, then 3 Months Later Running. I can Now Exercise at 70% of Before, although it wipes me out!!! Been Having Dry throat last few days, the Odd twinge in the Shotty Node, and Feel on Edge with Hot flushes. I Still Get a little tired in the Day, when I didnt before, and Have to sleep 3 hours more than I did. All the Results (HIV) were negative upto 6 Months (now at 9mnths)
Symptoms Dont mean Anything, Read link
I woke up today, the First Thing I though about was HIV!! I realised that this is NOT NORMAL. Then I thought, You Do this for the Window period, 3/6Mnths. I Know it's Irrational. Unfortunately I Did Have a Virus. All the Dr's Told Me I was Imagining it, But There is No way I imagined the Lump popping up in the Armpit and Neck. NO WAY Jose. This is Where I Stopped Having Faith in Medicine for a Time, and why I persued the HIV. In Hindsight it Seem Dumb, depite the Test Evidence.
I still Feel Hot flashes, Check the Temp it's varying 35.5 to 36.6 ( i.e. Lowish to Normal) SO Its Not Fever, It MUST be Anxiety. I am a Very Strong Person, I can't believe HIV anxiety Has Done This. I'm 100% Sure I have This Generalised Anxiety Disorder. I Even Had a Metallic Taste in my Mouth for a While, This I later Found could be due to Temporal Lobe Effects, (stress) also Typanic Nerve (my current Ear Problem?). Then No Doctor Told me Why I sufferered Acute Melalin Hyperpigmentation/sore Gums 3 months ago. When they Said I am Normal, I thought How the Hell is That Normal? This Fuelled my Anxiety re: HIV Because I read a Main Cause of this was Adrenal Insufficiency, like Addisons. Which HIV High Viral Load Causes..WHAT!!! Ppl wonder why I stressed out. After Taking Prednisolone for My Ear, I went Hyper, so there may be an element of Adrenal Damage, However I know belive it was Down to EXTREME Prolonged stress. It may have not been HIV, but It sure as Hell looked like it, I Never Got an Answer. I Believe I had a Virus, and Stress over Several Months, probably Weakened my Immune System, Activating Latent Viruses, ( I had Acute Buccal Fordyce spots/I Naturally tght was leukoplakia, a Herpetic Legion and Apthous Ulcers (Diagnosed) and Red Spots Pop up in Mouth..all Signs of Weak Immune system, I naturally Thoght Sh*t my CD4 are Crashing, LB Gingivitis, ANUG... I'm fcuked...Note this was 3 Months ago, and 3 months after what I thgt was Exposure and NEGATIVE PCR.

I though I was fully Over it, But If HIV is the 1st thing u think of when u wake, (Shotty nodes dont help, believe me) U Need to STOP!!!!! Its Irrational. No HIV Test is Wrong after the Window.
Post Viral Fatigue is Very Real. I Honestly Believe Some Virus (not HIV) and Extreme Prolonged Stress Cause Major Damage to our Adrenals/Immunity and Makes Physical Changes in the Brain which Causes most of the Pseudo HIV Cases. Therefore We can Recover with Health Living, Avoiding Stress-Relaxation techniques, Counselling and Mild Exercise..Most of all we Need Some Love!!!

Mitm, U may be experiencing what I Had too?
PCR will be Negative and you'll feel a fool, But hey if it Makes you Feel Better..I'd rather Book a Vacation!
Just My Opinion.

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I think Im in the same boat.
I had sex with a stripper with a condom.
Test at   21,35,65,91,126,157and  311. all negative.I had swollen nodes in groin, and arm pits. I now go to mental health. Isaac is right, we just need to stay of here and move on......
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yeah u are right ,i belive it man, but what is more frightening than this virus in the world?even though there are some medication for it but it is still the  number 1 bloody diseases...
on tuseday i need to do PCR test ,every time (8 tests)that i went to Dr to get PCR test ,Drs changed my mind and i did ELISA tes.
i have to get rid of this situation, 100% negative or 100% positive .
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How wrong you are, HIV is by no means the worst disease you could be stricken with in your life.
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Also, youre already 100% negative if you tested out to seven months. What you need to be 100% positive about is your unfounded worry about something you don't have and the opportunity to help yourself by seeing a therapist.
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