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All these freaking symptoms!!

So I definitely contracted some kind of virus....the question is which one....all the symptoms sound like ARS to me.

Fatigued earlier in the week.....sore throat develops.....headache for one night.....sore throat persists a few more days....high fever develops for one night only.  Next day sore throat is better, fever is gone, but neck, ears, upper neck all really red like a sunburn - no raised bumps as far as I can tell, just beet red and warm to the touch.  still red the next day.  small white ulceration on side of tongue.  muscles achy after minor use.  not a cold virus, no stuffy nose or cough or congestion.  what other virus or infection would cause all these symptoms.  I am doomed.  this *****.
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ONCE AGAIN...you were never at risk.

see your doctor if you are having health concerns...it's not hiv related.
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I guess I don't understand how I was never at risk.  I am uncircumcised which supposedly greatly increases your risk b/c the virus can get into the spongy tissue or something.  Also the girl in question said she had been extremely fatigued with sore throat a few months earlier.  Sounds like similar symptoms....
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Hey- I got similar symptoms and trying to track down what the ARS rash is.

One other possibility if you have burning there is that it is the first stages of shingles, which would be a lot less worse than HIV.  As far as I know, shingles outbreak could be triggered by any other virus, or just by stress.

Can I ask you- what was your source for labelling a sunburn type rash (I have it in the same place, but just on one side of neck) as ARS?  Wikipedia says that it's a maculoupoular rash, that it DOES have raised bumps similar to what you would get with measles.  Here is a picture:

if this is the HIV rash, its a lot more than a red area/sunburn

this is what shingles looks like:

it looks a lot more like the sunburn.

shingles is caused by the herpes virus (similar to mouth cold sore) getting into your nerves, due to having chickenpox as a child

i had achy leg muscles, fever- high for one night only, total 4 days- but with burning feelings on face, tingling sensations, did not feel like a regular flu,  and now the burning rash on neck.... so whatever it is we got the same thing.  Except I did not have sore throat at all.

can you post on here whatever you find out.  for all we know we both just got a strange flu.  I did something I shouldn't have as well though.

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The above poster didn't have a risk. What was your exposure?
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