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Am I at risk? I'm quite scared now

Dear friends on this community. I'm a male Japanese international student studying in London. I've done one of the biggest mistakes of my life recently. On 12th of January, night, I hired a male Italian sex worker. And he sucked my penis and I ****** him with condom (quite toughly). Because I always educated myself about STDs and HIV, although I knew sex with condom was safe, I still went to a sexual health clinic and and got tested on 28 of January. It was negative. However, I made another mistake. I hooked up with a 19-year-old Brazilian guy when told me he was negative on 4th of June. Because I was really careful about sexual health so I refused to **** him although he asked to. But I fingered his anus with bare hand because I thought it was definitely safe. However, on 5th of June. I found that there's a cut on my finger with which I entered his anus. I remembered that I had not short fingernail when I was fingering him and he asked me to stop several times because my fingernail hurt his anus. I started to panic: if my fingernail was sharp, then maybe I made his anus bleed a bit and then the blood could enter my body through the finger cut. What's worse, this panic brought my anxiety about the sex with the Italian sex worker guy back, I started to doubt the result because it's only 15 or 16 days after the intercourse and, he is sex worker! He must have had a lot of sexual experiences.. Maybe I was at the window period. I feel so scared now... could you please tell me if I'm really at risk of HIV? With many thanks.
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You were never at risk for HIV transmission.

Condoms are sufficient to protect against HIV.

Inserting finger in someone's anus is not a risk. Yes, I factored the wound on your finger while saying that. Unless, your finger was severed just before you were inserting it inside someone's anus there can be no risk associated.

There was no HIV concern in either of your events. You seem to be suffering from anxiety, see a therapist to overcome your irrational worries.
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Thanks Mike, but why is it not a risk? Because there is a probability that my sharp nail broke his rectal mucous and the his rectal liquid entered my body through the wound that I had on my finger...
A wound on your finger, that does not require immediate medical attention (negating the possibility of fingering someone) is an insufficient pathway for the entrance of the virus into your bloodstream.  HIV is not that easy to transmit.  Unless you were in a catastrophic accident, during which there is a high-volume exchange of blood between two people, wounds are not of concern.  

The basic premise is, that if your wound did not require immediate medical attention, it is not of significant proportion to permit the transmission of HIV.
Thanks for your explanation! CurfewX! So do you think the test done 16 days after the intercourse in a sex clinic is conclusive? I did it in London, I don't know what method they used and if it was sensitive enough.
You were never exposed to HIV.  ANY test you take at any time will be negative, and conclusive.
Thank you Curfew. Your answer helped me a lot. But I'm sorry, I've still got a doubt. I've read on the internet that if one uses oil-based lubes, the condom will be dissolved. I cannot help being anxious again. Maybe the Italian sex worker used oil-based lube and the condom I used was actually subtly dissolved without being noticed? (Because I remember that I've checked the condom after the Intercourse and it seemed ok). So I just want to confirm this: even if he used oil-based lube, but as long as the condom didn't 'obviously' break, then it will protect from being infected. Am I right? Thank you very much.
You are reinventing history.  The condom didn't break.  You cannot simultaneously dissolve a condom and have it appear intact.

Some oils weaken condoms, but that only means they can break more easily.  If the condom did not visibly break - and it did not - you had no risk for HIV.
If a condom fails it is a large rip down the seam and it hangs in tatters that anyone will notice. That didn't happen so you should stop trying to imagine this was not a safe event.
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