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Am I at risk of HIV infection?

Hi all and thank you for this great community.

I would like to seek your opinion please. Over the past 3 years I had numerous sexual encounters, one night stands with girls I met at clubs and parties, and many escorts that I would call and meet with.

The practices were as follows: kissing, receiving unprotected oral sex, and then protected vaginal sex with durex condoms (mostly Durex Extra Safe). Never had unprotected vaginal intercourse, and never noticed any condom cuts or breaks (I understand these can't happen without me noticing).

Two incidents that worry me were using Durex Extra Safe condoms that were kind of tight on me (small in size) which I had bought while on a holiday in Bali, Indonesia (assuming due smaller sized privates in that region). After being done I would notice a red bruise-ish like line where the condom base was. Didn't notice condom breaks in these 2 incidents either.

Last encounter was March 2020, prior to covid mass outbreak and lockdowns. For some reason these have been haunting me over the past few weeks.

Do you see any HIV risk, in particular, in the above, considering that the number of partners was a lot (around 25) over these years? Is testing recommended?

Your input and reassurance is greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks!
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No, you do not appear to have ever been at risk.  Multiple no-risk encounters still means no risk - zero x 25 still = 0.

No noticeable condom breaks means you weren't at risk.  As for the tight condom, also no risk.  Carry on with your safe sexual practices!
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Thanks a lot for your response and reassurance.

One last question please. Would you recommend HIV testing for such case? I had a STD test (excluding HIV) recently and all turned negative.

I am scheduled for a HIV/HBV/HCV test in 2 weeks for visa renewal process in the country I'm working in (must be HIV -ve), and was wondering if I should fly back to my home country (UK) to test there first. Or do you look at it as needless paranoia and I should just go for it here.

Many thanks in advance.
There's no reason to test for HIV unless you just need the peace of mind.
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