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Am I at risk of HIV or STD?

Yesterday I visited an escort. We had protected sex, no kissing. She seems to be careful. In the end, as I can not ejeculate, so she took the condom off and gave me a hand job. During the sex, she used her hand to put lubricant to her vagina. So how risky is this? Thanks!
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Very very very low risk for any and all STIs
Zero risk for some including HIV.

the handjob was zero risk for all practical purposes for STI.

Your biggest but still very small risk was infact the condom protected sex, as even with complete no breakage protection still carry’s a small risk of skin to skin STI (Herpes, HPV and Syphilis)
But still the condom provides 90% protection for these and since Syphilis is very rare in any given women in most contries we can ignore it as a possibility.
HPV is so common that literally everyone will have or get it at some time. No worries here.
Herpes unless she had visible sores we are talking tiny tiny risk. If you did get it I’d expect blisters in next 10 days. If you don’t you can safely move on from this.

Honestly I see no need for concern certainly zero risk for HIV.

If I was you I’d move on not test and forget about it. The risk is just that low.
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