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Am I at risk?

i am male and had following sexual exposure over a 24 hrs period with a woman:
1. french kissing (elongated)
2. protected vaginal sex with lube (4 x)
3. Gave and received oral sex to the lady
The lady as i found out afterwards is hiv +, as she had SELENIUM in her bag and while playing games on her phone i found a text sent to someone from her phone, in which mention was made of viral load and cd4 counts at a lab. (she claimed her +ve sister was in possession of the phone and sent the text).
Please what are the chances that i am infected? I am so worried and don't know how i would wait out the 3 months window period.
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NO RISK OF HIV in any of the scenarios that you mentioned even if the person you engaged with in sex is positive as you have had protected intercourse.

Test for peace of mind if that is what you choose, but no need to worry
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You never had an exposure and don't need testing for HIV.
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teak i aprc8 ur response,
but my concern is especially bcos i sucked the lady in question for elongated periods and i understand vaginal fluid contains some hiv.
some of it will likely have been ingested and may have found its way into any sores or open cuts in my mouth which may not have been obvious.
secondly, d saliva from her tongue may have found its way into my urethra which i learnt is a sensitive membrane. I am really worried, as my wife is pregnant and i could nto refuse her sex. I WON'T FORGIVE MYSELF IF DIS IS D KIND OF LEGACY I PASS DOWN MY LINEAGE! Worried sick!!!! IF GOD HELPS ME GET TRO DIS UNSCATHED, NEVER AGAIN WILL I BE INVOLVED IN SUCH CARELESS & FOOLISH BEHAVIOUR... NEVER AGAIN!!  PLS REPLY ASAP!!!!!!
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You never had an HIV exposure.
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i have severe cold and cough. joint pains an headaches. and its six weeks since my exposure to a hiv + woman. could this be signs of the onset of the disease? how reliable is a six week test?
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A 6 week test is very reliable but not 100% conclusive until 12 weeks.
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I have taken a test on the 8th week and thankfully  it came out negative.
though the cough has persisited inspite of some antibiotic drugs and cough mixture for the 3rd week now.other than that, i am ok except for the anxious feeling.
what could be the possible xplanation for this persistent cough? and how likely is it to be +ve after an 8th week -ve result?
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Your cough has nothing to do with HIV and your negative result proves that.

If your 'symptoms' had anything to do with HIV then your result would not have been negative.

Your negative result couples with the fact that you did not have a risk proves with certainty that you do not have HIV.  

You can move on.
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i have two questions:
1.does a hiv result show before or after a sero conversion illness
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You do not have a risk to get HIV, kissing and oral sex, as well as protected sex are not effective transformation for HIV. Saliva can protect you from HIV, first HIV lives in a body fluid with a PH value: 7.35-7.45, your saliva will change the value as soon as the HIV fluid come in to your mouth, which will destory the protein of the virus and make it inactive; secondly, HIV will be inactive when exposing to the air.  What is more, your 8 week test has proved this, and your 3 month test must be neg. Good luck!
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i did a similar foolish act as well on a woman and I have read spanish studies from barcelona that reconfirm everything I've read here and yet I'm still worried, it's been like two weeks and then suddenly I had a small watery like pimple in my cheek (see pic)...it's probably not related but well, conscience killing me...

did you retest after the 8th week?
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