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Am I at risk?

Hello everyone… I m 35 yrs old male. Recently on 11 june I had encounter with a prostitute. I used condom for the entire time but suddenly condome broke. I realised it and removed within 5 to seconds. I began to worry about the incident so I asked her to test. She tested negative on hiv duo test. So I didn’t took PEP. But I began to have anxiety about this incident so I took hiv duo on 24th day which came negative. I also asked that girl to go for another hiv duo on 25 th day of our exposure..again she came back as negative. I will test at 6 weeks again but what are the chances of me being infected? Please answer.
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sb "so one of you needs to test again" But it is ok if you both want to.
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Thank you very much for the reply. But please tell me wether there are any chances of positive result?
Only a test can determine if a person is positive so if you are worried test again after 28.
Ok thank you for your help.
Hi AnxiousNoMore..do you really think that I need to test again. Thanks for your cooperation.
I will not bother you with the same question but the that girl told me she had no exposure protected or unprotected since last two months before our encounter.
"she had no exposure protected or unprotected since last two months before our encounter." If that is true, she is negative.
The rate of sexual transmission from female to male is already very low for a full unprotected encounter.  Yours was extremely brief, lowering the risk to almost zero.

The choice of whether to test again or not is yours alone, but given your ultra-low risk and the fact that she also tested negative, it is probably not worth the effort unless you are just need to for peace of mind.
Thank you very much for the help.
Today after 38 days of exposure I took hiv duo which came back negative. Do I have to test at 6 weeks?
Reread my first advice. "A duo is conclusive after 4 weeks ...." You don't test twice for ay other disease especially when the other person had tested, so move on.
Your test at 38 days post exposure of a broken condom is conclusive.  Anything past 28 weeks when taking a 4th generation DUO test is considered conclusive and results don't change.  We're glad you are negative. There is actually only a very low percentage risk of transmission with a single exposure, so I am not surprised but happy for you none the less.  Take care.
Thanks a lot GuitarRox!
Thanks AnxiousNoMore!
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A duo is conclusive after 4 weeks so you tested a bit early. If she always uses a condom she is likely negative, otherwise why would she waste money buying them? Only one of you needs to be conclusive so one of you should test again. 6 weeks is an unnecessary wait so no need to wait that long.
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