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Am I in danger?

Please someone with actual good knowledge respond to this as I'm scared. Please give a tad of reasoning behind your answer. Here's my problem.

I received a lap dance from a female of unknown HIV status. She had no pants or panties on and I had no pants or boxers on. I was fully erect but I did not penetrate her.  My erection was laying against my pubic area and she basically slid back and forth on it.

Her vagina was very wet as it rubbed against me penis. (Entire penis) Again will say, my penis never went inside her vagina. I would describe it is my election being between her labia lips, not inside of her vagina itself.

If she was HIV positive, could this few minute encounter have caused me to contract HIV?

Thank you
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No, HIV requires penitration not outside rubbing.
Thank you, Vance. One followup question to your response. Penetration meaning actually entering the vagina? Would you consider penetration to be an erection rubbing in between the labia lips? Never went into the vagina itself, but her sitting on my erection where my erection essentially slid in between her labia) Only asking because my erection (head to bottom) was wet from her vaginal fluids. Just  trying to decipher the difference between what I did and actually going inside the vagina since both scenarios would allow her fluids onto my penis. (Head to bottom)

Thank you again. I'll let you answer and move on from there.
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