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Am I over reacting?

Dear Doctor,

I’m so scared that I think I’m going crazy. I had protected sex with an escort on Sept 17. But before I had sex, I shaved my pubis and didn’t realize once she was giving me a blowjob that I had two small cuts that was bleeding near the area of my penis. I didn’t think about it at first but I decided to have sex with her.

She got in top of me and also had doggy style position. She also gave me protected oral.

I’m freaking out because I been feeling sick. I feel like my breathing is a little bit hotter (which makes me believe that my body temperature is increasing) and my eyes sometimes burn (but that’s because on my last 2 days off I played video games for 20 hours non stop.) I’m thinking that maybe the reason why I feel like **** is because of my video game habit.

I’m also thinking that maybe I’m freaking out because yesterday I went out to the supermarker without a sweater and was very cold. The drop of temperature I heard makes a lot of people sick. Most of the people within my job are getting sick, but just the thought of having her fluids hitting my wounds makes me freak out that I may be HIV positive.

Let’s say that you tell me to not to worry. How can I make my self not worry sick? Oh please tell me it isn’t so. I been worrying so bad that when I first thought about this, I was really thinking of killing myself than having the thought of someone telling me I was HIV positive. Am I over reacting or am I feeling early symptoms too soon?
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sorry about the second post, please don't flame me. I'm just soo nervous
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I'm not an expert, and hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me will chime in soon. My understanding is that Saliva does not carry significant amounts of HIV. So receiving BJs are considered a zero risk encounter with respect to infection.

As for the sex part, you said it was protected, so odds are that is also not a risk. The only way to be sure though, and to ease your mind is to get tested. I did. I'm sure most everyone else here who frequents the forum will tell you not to worry. You probably don't warrant testing, but I know the mind-numbing worry associated with the fear. I was going through it not 1 week ago. Just get tested at 6 weeks.
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my penis was covered but not my bleeding skin around the penis part. But it was not any place within the penis. I'm sure that my bleeding part touch her vagina. I also believe her fluids could had contacted mine bleeding skin. I'm hopeful that maybe she doesnt have HIV sense she was $300 for an hour and maybe hopeful that not many people would pay that and sleep with her.

But then again, her prices are up cause she has HIV and needs to pay her bill. Man I'm not getting enough rest.
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Have a rest. It is very dificult for the HIV  to enter the body. The fluids from the vagina are as the tears, and they carry not to many HIV virus. I understand that the bottom of the vagina is where it is most infectious. Anyway, you posted to the Doctor in the wrong forum. You should go to the HIV prevention forum and post your question there. It has a charge of USD 15.
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