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Am i Crazy?

hello doc and thanks for taking the time to answer my question..
on 08/10/2011 I had an affair with a woman without a condom and later found out she was hiv positive..
I have not had sex with my wife because of my guilt and scared of me having hiv and passing to her.
3 weeks after my exposure i had a bad sore throat, cough, runny nose, headache. 3 months later i had a bad sore throat again with a runny nose. I became parranoid so i had the following test.

at 4 weeks: Naat and antibody both negative.
at 8 weeks: Antibody test: neg
at 14 weeks: hiv screen test: neg
at 6 months : naat test + antibody test.: both neg.

so i felt good after the last test so i had unprottected sex with my wife who 2 days later had a bad sore throat, along with a really bad cough and runny nose. To add to that 2 weeks after we had sex she now has a yeast infection and is pregnant. I am scared to death I passed it to her.

my questions are is it possible for me to be infected and the test not pick it up?
i have read sometimes it takes more than 6 months for test to become positive. Please help.
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oops wrong forum. would apreciate your thoughts as well
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No it is not possible. You over tested and have a conclusive negative test result.
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Thanks alot. What about hiv 2 is it the same window?

Anybody else?
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