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Am i Paranoid or really Positive?

I just got a text from a friend 5 - 6 years after we had sex that he was positive of HIV. Now I'm completely paranoid and could feel symptoms of HIV every time I read its symptoms on the internet. I remember when I had unprotected sex with this guy i was talking about, I felt an enlarged lymph node at my neck and a "flu-like" symptom too after we did unprotected sex. Now im completely devastated not knowing if i have it or not.

The only thing that's been bothering me is what they call "twitches" on my nerves that I am experiencing once in a while. Is it possible with what I'm feeling today contributes to symptoms of HIV?. I recently had my CBC and everything was in normal range (RBC, WBC etc.). Today, I had my first HIV test and I am really disturbed on its possible outcome. Is there a strong chance that I am infected?

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SYMPTOMS dont diagnose hiv...only a test can do that.  you will soon know the results of your test.
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thanks for the comment... damn im in deeepppp ****. I really don't know what to expect... i guess i have to expect for the worst possible outcome. Pleaseeee i need a little comfort, im getting desperate.

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I really don't know what to do anymore... im having twitches all over my body. I have history of Muscle dystrophy but at the same time i had unprotected sex 5 years ago, so i really don't know what's causing all my twitches. Anyone out there?
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swollen lymph nodes from infection occur all over the body...not just in one place like the neck.

dont know what to tell you exept hope for the best.  having sex with someone who is hiv positive does not mean automatic infection...the odds are with you.
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thank you.... I'm so scared bec. im going to get my hiv test results tomorrow. Whats bothering me is that I have been in a single relationship after that incident for 4 years but my partner has no symptoms whatsoever. Although me and my partner had unprotected sex with 2 to 3 persons (threesome) but up to this date all of them are normal.

Is it possible that he could be infected with the disease too that's why no symptoms were felt by him?

Thanks for being patient.
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my question is..."why are you going around having unprotected sex?"  surely you understand that hiv is transmitted by unprotected sex.

sex lasts a few minutes...HIV LASTS A LIFETIME.
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Yes i know Lizzie, that's why I'm in deep regret.

I didn't felt anything from the last years. Now with this text I got really bothered that i might be infected with such disease.

Well is it possible that my recent partner might be infected before we had an affair? (This is why he felt no symptoms of hiv whatsoever?)
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lizzie please do reply...... pleasee
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Could have been, but that doesn't mean that you got infected. To know your status test 3 months after your last unprotected sex and your test results will be conclusive.
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It's been 5 years since we had unprotected sex so its conclusive if ever i tested negative or positive right? I'm currently in a relationship now and its been 4 years of faithful relationship.

But the thing that's bothering me is that, the guy who i had unprotected sex told me this just a few days ago. He said that he was HIV positive and has AIDS. I really don't know what to think if that 5 years might be "he" being HIV and now has AIDS, so what are the chances that im going to develop AIDS sooner or later.

Anyways im still waiting for my results, me and my 4 year partner (which has no symptoms yet whatsoever).
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I'm the one who's paranoid and my current partner doesn't seem to be bothered at all.... haayyyzzz
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wait for the result and keep yourself busy so that you dont think about hiv too much.Stop reading about hiv in the internet.
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thanks dude_hk..... thats what ive been doing for the last 2 days since my extraction. I'm just hoping to beat the odds of not having it. I feel so stupid.
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I feel so worthless and my questions not being answered.
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your questions have been answered.
Go out with friends and keep yourself busy with outdoor activities.
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my last question wasn't answer yet.

If I was infected with the disease:

Is it possible that the reason why my current partner feels no symptoms of HIV is because he was infected before i got him infected?
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if your current partner feels no symptoms of HIV ...it does NOT mean he was infected before.
It does NOT mean you have got him infected.

relax,and enjoy outdoor activites..stop thinking about HIV.
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so meaning my parter could be infected with HIV thats why he feel no symptoms at all in our 4 years of relationship?
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Both of you TEST...You've been here long enough to test and get your results.
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yep sorry for being annoying, I guess im just being stubborn. Anyways our test will be ready by tomorrow and for some reason I would just like to go on with my life without going to the hospital to see our results....  I hope not to wake up anymore.
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We got our tests today and it was ..whew, NEGATIVE. Now my last few questions would be as follows:

1. The test prescribed by the hospital was CMIA for HIV1 and HIV2. Is it reliable?

2. Based from the text I got from a friend 4 years ago (unprotected anal sex), whom he said he was positive for HIV and has AIDS, could i therefore conclude that my test of CMIA (HIV1 AND HIV2) TESTS is conclusive?

3. My self diagnosed Peripheral Neuropathy could be coming from stress and anxiety or worst I might have inherit mild dystrophy from my family? (Which we have)

Thank You to Teak, dude, and lizzie.
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until you are in a monogamous relationship where BOTH of you have tested...ALWAYS use condoms for vaginal/anal intercourse.  sex lasts a few minutes...HIV LASTS A LIFETIME ! ! ! ! !
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I guess you feel you have HIV when you're in guilt or you know you've done something wrong. Well then, now I can move on with my life and keep in mind that i should respect myself and be cautious all the time.

Thanks Lizzie ! As for the mothers out there like lizzie, BEFORE YOU GUYS DO IT, THINK OF HOW OUR MOTHERS NURTURED US JUST TO GROW AND BE HEALTHY!  :)

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