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Am i at any risk of HIV?

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I met a girl In a club who was looking for clients. I don’t know her HIV status. After we reached our room,  I found that there was no condom available with both of us. So, i decided to not have sex  without condom as it will be risky. We rubbed each other for  some time with clothes, she was on her bra /panty and  I was fully dressed. And after that I decided to masturbate myself and asked her to get naked. When she did, I masturbated standing top of her and cummed on her body.  She went and cleaned herself immediately.
My questions are as follows ( I know it is a silly question) , if she is HIV+  and during the romance,  she might have touched her touched vagina ( which I am not sure ). If she had touched  her vagina and then
1) If I have touched that hand of her  before I started masturbation and then used the same hand to masturbate myself will I be at risk?
2) While I was masturbating if her hand touched tip of my dick (my penis is uncircumcised), will I be at risk? As there might me some HIV virus in her hand after she touched herself.
Thanks in advance..

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You didn't have a risk for HIV.  Here are the only risks:  if you have unprotected vaginal or anal penetrating intercourse or you share IV drug needles.  HIV is spread in very specific ways and has been around a long time so that it is well understood what the real risks are.  Touching is not a risk.  Her hand to your penis is not a risk.  If you touched her hand and then your own penis, it is not a risk.  Air inactivates the virus.  Having unprotected intercourse is low risk for a one time episode of less than 2 percent.  Touching a hand?  NEVER has happened that way and it won't.  No risk.
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