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Am i at risk?

Dear Dr. Pls help.i very very worried and anxiety and stress (sorry for my bad English ) I had visited a freelance on 1st of September . Protected intercourse but unprotected oral. When intercourse the lady put on the condom for me. i don't what kinda of condom she use, When I want to ejaculated, i quickly move my penis out of her Vaginal. The condom still intact, i think not faulty,on  what i see there is no leaking, coz there no enough light to see.  what is my risk? Pls advise me. Very worrying now. Tx dr. and want make a test end of this month.
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Relax, you used protection and it did not fail, therefore your risk never existed. The lady provided condom for her protection from you, so how could she compromise on type.  You do not need any test because unprotected oral and protected vaginal sex, both are Zero risk activities
Thanks alot diver58:
But the symptoms i got it kinda similar, i don't know whether couse by stress Or something. I got tiredness, stomachache, muscle spam, tingling in my leg sometimes in hand, stomach growling, dry mouth, back pain, discomfort throat. Last week i went to doctor, but doctor say is gastric or acid something, forgot already. But i still afraid.
By the way thanks again. It can claim me down a bit.
Diver 1 more questions if my finger have wart or common Wart , and i fingering a women, if vaginal fluids or blood touch the wart, am i at risk?
You can't have HIV if you reread what diver said and you said your doctor already diagnosed it isn't HIV so it is time to relax and move on from HIV fears.  
Best to call your doctor's office to see what they told you it is and what you should do about it.
Thanks AnxiousNoMore.
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