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Am i in risk of HIV

i was in sauna and had an act with a male. he strok his penis and rubed his precum on to my penis. then he rubed precum on to his nipples, I sucked and licked it. then we frennch kissed with his mouth steering in mine.

on the second morning i notice there is a large ucler in my mouth which is red and broken(seems from bite, not cut, and with size of 1/4 of Nail cover of thumb) and 2 open wound on my lips, one on the dry side and one on the inside

am i in risk of hiv? is PEP needed
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The only risks for HIV include having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV needles to inject drugs. Air and saliva inactivates the virus. Not only do you NOT need PEP, you don't even need to test. You had absolutely ZERO risk of hiv from this exposure.
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Thank you for the response. Is it also zero risk if the other person had bleeding wound on the lips too, and his wound pressuring my wound during kissing on the lips where was not covered by saliva?
The three risks don't change for anyone. I've already fully shared the risks to apply. Unless you did one of those things, no risk.
Thank you, that’s a relief

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