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Am i infected?

Hi guys i need your help!!!
Last july 2 i had protected sex witg someone i dont know the hiv status( we do french kiss, oral sex ) we used condom for vaginal sex, on august 5 i tried to get tested using Hiv kit at home and it turned out NEGATIVE.( basically, it was 1 month and 3days since the last exposure ) the next day i had another sex with someone unknown status ( i know i was so stupid ) but then we used condom again and we had sex for 2mins in total ( only vaginal sex ) question is how risk i am in HIV please i need your help guys. Im so paranoid like i cant sleep well at night thinking what i did stupid things. i experienced slight fever, muscle pain in my legs and swollen lymph nodes
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You didn't need to test. You were protected against HIV transmission. Usage of condom is an effective barrier to the virus.

Please see a doctor for your ailments, it has nothing to
do with HIV.
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Thank you so much for your comment i do really appreciate it. Maybe this feeling i have is caused by hiv anxiety  
Yes, it is. A lot of people have been coming here from more than a decade with similar issues, they are mostly caused by anxiety. Some people seek counseling and some rationalize their thoughts themselves over a period of time, sooner you get over this, it is better for you as there is no point in fretting over a total no risk situation.

I really hope this is caused by anxiety
Thanks for your help
Try to relax for a day without thinking about this non-event, and stop googling for symptoms and examining your body for no reason since you don't have hiv. If you stop thinking about this then your symptoms will likely disappear in which case you will know they were in your imagination.
Ok i will try to do it and stop googling  all symptoms  thank you so much for your effort to message me have a grear day
I dont still understand  why i feel low grade fever  for 2weeks after my last intimate last august 5 until now i still feel  lower grade fever and muscle pain on my arms , legs and back
That's for you to find out working with your GP. I am going to repeat myself, you were never at a risk. Therefore, whatever the cause of your ailments are, it isn't related to HIV.

Please accept the help offered from here and move on. This is the best we have to offer since you don't have a concern that belongs here.
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Neither of the episodes you write of here are risks for getting HIV.  HIV is only transmitted in adults when they have unprotected vaginal or anal sex (penetration required) and sharing of IV drug needles.  You are worrying yourself for nothing.  Episode one that you had was French kissing and oral sex.  Neither are risks. Saliva inactivates the virus as does air and people don't get HIV this way.  Episode two in which you had protected sex, the condom protected you.  So, no need to test and no need to worry.  
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Thank you so much
I  should see doctor for my anxiety
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