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Ammonia Odor

So I believe I contracted HIV a couple months ago. My sexual encounter was one of lower risk.. I did use a condom for intercourse, but not during foreplay or oral sex. I posted some previous info on my situation and people seemed to think I was over reacting because of this, but I've had nothing but symptoms ever since.

A lot of my symptoms seemed to have been occurring sequentially.. one after the other. A couple overlap briefly but I'll give a short list.

- First I got rash on my upper arms that lasted a couple days.
- Then I got the worst "flu" I've ever had for about 2 weeks.
- During that time I broke out with what I think are genital herpes.
- After having that for a while I got just a nasty case of jock itch as well.
- Towards the end of the flu I got a canker sore inside my mouth.
- After that I got a bump on my lip thats lasted for the past month.
- Then I got a faint rash under one eye, with an itchy eye as well.
- Then I got a faint rash around my other eye and a bit on my forehead.
- During that time I got a swollen lymphnode in my neck that hurt. The pain has subsided a lot but it is still hard.
- During this whole period my skin has become very dry. It's possible that's because I take a lot more showers now, mainly to help relax the anxieties of this all.
- From time to time my testicles tingle? But only my testicles. Herpes related?

(I got tested for Herpes and the results came back negative for both. Kind of confusing, but then I read about a window period.. so I think with enough time one of them will show positive.)

- ..But now, my favorite one yet, I smell.. like a kind of ammonia smell. Or urine smell. I've noticed this the past few days and it's even more uncomfortable than the others when around people.

Anyway. I know all the other stuff are symptoms, but I havn't been able to find anything about this ammonia body odor. Is this something that occurs or what are the causes of this? I've read it can be a sign of liver or kidney damage. Has anyone experienced this with the onset of HIV?

I'm waiting a little while longer to get tested for HIV. For one, because I want to get better insurance before I do. And two, if the test happened to come back negative before 3 months, I wouldn't believe it anyway so it wouldn't help much. I'm assuming I have HIV for now and am just working through the acceptance of it all in the meantime.

Oh life.

Appreciate any info or experiences, especially on this odd body odor smell. Thanks.
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You never had a risk from "Oral" sex..
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Hello L.L.,
  So your sex was protected for the most part-except for the brief oral which is not really a concern. Std's seem unlikely as well but they are a stronger possibility than anything else mentioned here, personally this does not sound like an HIV concern man, it sounds like some other type of health problem you should consult your physician about. I would'nt assume it's HIV if i were you, most of us on hear thought we had HIV and almost none of us came back positive no matter how many symptoms we posted during our visit to the site Life's Lemons, so i'd reconsider this for now. If you have not been tested recently / don't know your status -or- have never been tested do follow through with your plans-otherwise i'd just bring up the other concerns w/ your doctor...
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