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Amsterdam risky good times


I went to Amsterdam 3 weeks ago and I saw 2 sex workers, more precisely dominatrixes, bear with me. We had "unusual" sexual contact. Both of them wore strap-on dildos and penetrated my anus ( just trying to make it clear). The thing is, they probably did that to a bunch of guys before me, maybe even within a 30 min before I saw them. Another important fact, they both wore condoms on the dildos before penetrating me, but still... I'm sick of reading condoms are not 100% effective. The action was pretty hard but they both used some lube and I never penetrated them or we had oral sex on one another. The environment seemed fairly clean and one of them washed

Today it's been exactly 2 weeks since the episode. Last week I started to feel really tired, pretty unusual to me, that's been going for about 6 days I would say. I feel sleepy all the time and with no energy. My head hurts a little bit the whole time and today my throat is sore ( the reason why I decided to post this question). I also lost some weight but that happened probably over the course of the past 2 weeks ( earlier than the other symptoms). I feel so weird, like a general discomfort that never ends. Sometimes I think I have a fever, but when me temperature read normal.
My questions are:
1-What's my risk based on this experience considering they were sex workers in Amsterdam seeing 10-15 man every night. Basically a condom protected (used by many other men) sex toy in my anus poses a risk or not?
2-I know you shouldn't rely on symptoms for HIV diagnosis, but what about the ARS timeline. feeling like this after 1 week of the exposure is too early or not? And I don't know if the symptoms occur all at the same time or not. Remeber I'm starting to feel worse on the 2nd week after potential exposure. Please educate me on that one.
3-Do any other STDs can give you symptoms similar to the ones I described?

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That's very encouraging, thank you for your reply but I would still love to hear about what other people think.
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100% no risk.
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It's really odd I feel so weird physically and how much it sounds like ARS symptoms when I read about it. I hope it's my mind playing tricks with my body, or vice-versa. That's why I was asking about symptoms timelines etc... anyone?
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What you are looking for is reassurance and not expert advice...Google symptoms for OCD and try to see if they match your symtoms...
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You were never at risk of contracting HIV. Move on...
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I think a lot of people here are looking for reassurance and that's normal. It is annoying sometimes but it helps other people learn about STD prevention, specially HIV. That's why I also asked about other STDs. All that said, that was a pretty good answer. ;)
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Can somebody please at least tell me if I should get tested for other STDs...
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other std questions should be addressed on the std forum.  this forum is hiv specific.
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