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Anabolic steroids and HIV testing


Ive had a number of Combo tests done here in South Africa after a potencial exposure were myself and SCW had protected vaginal and Oral sex although unprotected masturbation were she used her spit for lubrication.
its been 17 weeks since and have had tests done at 4, 5, 6.5,7.5, 8,9, 10, 11, 12 and 16 weeks all negative.

although this may sound awsome my worries are tht my previous anabolic steroid use ( testosterone enanthate) would have had an effect on the tests, could this be? am i conclusive neg?

any words of encouragement out there
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just to note i stopped taking testosterone enanthate 2 weeks before this inccident.
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You had no risk and were conclusively negative before you tested.
Oral and masturbation are no risk since the virus is effectively dead in air and also in saliva. Condom is zero risk for obvious reasons.
It is abnormal to test repeatedly for a disease that you have negative results for. Now that you know that all of the tests were pointless, it will be a phobia if you continue testing or worrying about HIV.
Thanks anxious!!!would you be able to tell me if anabolic steroids would have an effect? Its the only worry i have
You have HIV phobia and are wasting your life in mental anguish over an impossible fear. Consider a talk with your doc or else a therapist because this is an HIV prevention forum and we can't provide therapy.
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