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Anabolic steroids hiv test

Can anabolic steroids affect or cause a 4th gen hiv test a false negative it was done beyond the 3months window period, I understand that test looks for pieces of the virus itself so even if there was a delay the p24 would show up?
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HIV experts contend that the only drugs that *might* affect a 4th generation test are heavy immunosuppressive drugs such as chemotherapy given to cancer patients.  Even then, they have some doubt as to whether they would be sufficient to suppress the antibodies.
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So a test at 9 months (4th gen) and 10 months of insti test would be conclusive?
Yes, long past conclusive.  There is no reason to test further.
4 gen is conclusive after 4 weeks so you are safe.
Thank you so so much and your opinion on Biotin and affecting hiv test? Internet is the worse sometimes with misinformation, I didnt notice my multivitamin had 200mg of biotin on it can these affect the conclusive test?
Sorry its micrograms not miligrams
I've already answered your question about what drugs HIV experts believe could possibly affect an HIV test.
Ok got it so Ill move in w the conclusive results thank you
What was your risk?
I was w a partner (male heterosexual) for a year but things became untrustworthy and I don’t know if Im at risk because I dont know if he was actuallY honest of his status, Ive read that is rare that straight heterosexual males can have hiv but I wanted to make sure my results were conclusive ad I took them when I was on cycle of anabolics
My test was 9 months after the break up just to clarify not sure if it helps to give more detailed information
I was just verifying that you had an actual risk but now it is time to move on.
Ok thanks so just to give myself closure and wont come back to the forum even I had anabolic steroids on my body my 9month test is conclusive? I think I mentioned I had insti rapid tests too ay 10 and 11 months

Thanks again
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