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Anal Sex With an Unknown HIV-Status CSW, Condom Breakage

Hello MedHelp members and visitors. I wish you all health and happiness.

I'm a male at my 30s who always practices protected sex (vaginal and anal).
The encounter I had a week or so ago was a bit different though because for the first time the condom got torn
during anal penetration (the tip of it to be specific). I believe the CSW was Chinese at her 20s. Immediately,
when I found out about it, I pulled my joystick out, went to the toilet, urinated little amount of urine (approx. 50 ml or less) washed the shaft with water and soap, the penetration did not last more than 1- 2 minutes maximum, it was gentle. The only thing I blame myself for is letting the girl use (baby oil) which is a petrolium-based lubricant and the main cause behind the condom failure (quality, storing or expiration of condom is unknown). Couldn't carry on with sex since I emotionally got disturbed from that incident, so I jerked off instead and splashed my cream on her. She assured me she was clean, her mama-san did so as well upon calling her, they added the girl gets checked regularly. I can't trust anyone, so I'm here to ask you guys, am I at risk of contracting HIV? Hepatitis, Syphilis or other STDs? Should I be worried? Should I get tested?

Please help me, thanks.
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So, you had an official condom break, correct? You will need to get tested with a 4th generation duo test at 28 days. If that type of test isn't available, you can test conclusively at 90 days. Myths, peeing will do anything to prevent any type of std/hiv.  You can look at someone and determine based on that if they have hiv or not. You'll get symptoms if you got hiv or any symptoms you have after are related to hiv (doesn't work that way).

Now, a one time exposure is very LOW risk.  Less than 1 percent transmission. and a CSW typically uses protection so she likely is normally protected with her clients.  She'd have to have hiv in order to give it to you.  Has she had a recent test?
Thank you a lot for your help. Yes, an official break, that's correct. I'm not sure about the availability of these types of test but what if I wait 6 months for more conclusive result? I know about all these myths but mentioned them anyways. Yes, she also told me she always uses protection with her clients. She also told me she recently (a week or month) had her test and everything was ok according to her and the mama-san.
Your result won't change if you take a 4th generation DUO test at 28 days or beyond. ALL other tests are conclusive at 90 days/3 months.
Yes, just in case that test you've mentioned isn't available, then you're advising me to wait 3 months or even better 6 months, right?
I'm now more relaxed for the fact it's very low risk exposure, thanks for assuring and providing consultations to me based on scientific data  and statistics. I know this is HIV-related forum but could you help provide info regarding other possible STDs within the context of my incident?
There is no "more conclusive" result to be had at 6 months.  There is NO benefit to testing at 6 months.

If you can't get a 4th generation test, test at 3 months for your conclusive result.  Testing again after 3 months has no scientific basis since the other tests are conclusive at 3 months post-event.
You can ask about STDs here: https://www.medhelp.org/forums/STDs---STIs/show/98
Thanks a lot CurfewX.
I forgot to add, this, does the remaining of saliva help reduce a possible HIV transmission? i.e. I received oral from the CSW before I started anally penetrating her. Or the remaining of oil coud act as a barrier?
You are trying to add all the info you can think of (her looks, "symptoms", spit etc) in order to calculate what hiv virus would do however it is a waste of your time because there are so many variables that no absolute safety factor can be derived; therefore the more you think about it the more frustrated and anxious you will get when you realize you are no closer to getting the only answer you need, namely whether you are positive or negative - not to mention that if she is negative (which is the highest probability anyway) which I explained below then nothing else matters which is what I would focus my thoughts on while awaiting a test.  
Only a test can provide answers so try to forget about this encounter until you can be tested.
AnxiousNoMore , thanks a lot, I will abide by your advice.
No one here needs a link to your std forum questions. This is an hiv prevention forum, not a hospital where we keep track of people who show up and make records.
The previous advice above was very clear, so just test.
@AnxiousNoMore, ok, thanks, have a good day.
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BTW, I have not experienced any symptoms since then.
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hiv docs can't diagnose from symptoms (or from looking at someone and saying "they look ok") so no one here pays attention to symptoms. You shouldn't waste your time googling symptoms  because that is a waste of time and will only make you anxious because even if you get what you think is a symptom it can never prove anything. Condoms cost money and she doesn't care about you, so likely she is negative and bought it because she wants protection from customers. I wouldn't worry while waiting, but would definitely test.
Thank you a lot.
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Also the girl looked okay. I've always had weird marks on my penis (scars or something).
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