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Anal fistula acute hiv infection

Dear Sir/Madame,

I am at my wits end. I had a risky once off sexual encounter with a csw two weeks ago. Condom slipped, I used lots of kj jelly and am uncircumcised. Exactly two weeks later I developed anal fistula( i have never had full bleeding fistula before just some minor bumps never close to bleeding/pusing), fever and soaking night sweats for a couple of nights. I know night sweats and fever can be a symptom of anal fistula and hiv, so could be either or both. But timing seems more than coincidence.

I am getting tested in 2 weeks but am really really struggling mentally at the moment.

I know anal fistula can happen more often in HIV infected people, but does this include in the acute infection stage. Considering I may have had some lumps from time to time. Is there any cases of anal fistula advancing quickly due to acute HIV infection?

I am really at my wits end and hope for a response.


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Did the condom come off or stay on?
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Thanks for the reply.

The condom had slipped right up just about dangling off the tip, almost off. The csw was a .street working girl in the Philippines, certainly untested

The bump beside my anus - a perianal abscess started growing about 10 days later, burst as an abscess to the surface and has been bleeding since. I have had night sweats, some really soaking on and off for the, loss of appetite, fatigue and fever and non itchy pimples appearing scattered over my back.

As can be imagined I am very worried. Testing is the only way to solve this. But every day is a struggle I have a loving wife and 2 year old baby and could not feel more devastated if i have thrown everything away. I of course will not have sex with my wife to put her at risk. My dilemma is this, night sweats, fatigue and fever could potentially be associated with the anal abscess, but could also be a HIV symptom along. The pimples that have appeared all over my back have got me extra worried( not a symptom of an abscess). But it seems a HIV rash is so non specific I can't be 100% sure it is HIV or sweat from the night sweats blocking my glands, or as a result of being in the Philippines. I know Perianal Abscesses and fistulas appear in HIV because of the lowered immune system, but has there ever been any examples of them appearing in the acute/primary phase? I have never got them before and the timing along with the other symptoms( 2 to three weeks) after potential exposure is driving me crazy. I know that they say the chance of getting HIV with one exposure are slim, but with being uncircumcised and quite sensitive skin there and with what I have read about KY jelly actually promoting transmission, putting all the pieces together it seems I am right to be as worried as I am? Testing 11 days from now, results 5 days later, will let people know. But any thoughts very very welcome.
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So it slid like that while pulling out?
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Thanks I stuck finger in along my penis to find the bottom of the condom, could not feel it, so pulled my penis out, the condom came out with the penis but was barely attached, just on the tip, folded almost completely inside out, too much KY jelly. I'm now at 3 weeks post possible exposure, the anal abscess has cleared up( I took antibiotics) but night sweats are continuing, I wake up with T-shirt soaked each morning but no fever at all during the day, I've checked my temperatue. Pimples on the back. No other symptoms, feel well now. Main symptoms were from the 2 to 3 week time frame, the intense night sweats, loss of apettite/weight loss, pimples developing over back, abscess flaring up. Lymph node was swollen on right groin near the abscess, constant pain in the back of the head in neck, maybe a gland there. But not really flu symptoms I would say, mild fever especially. Anyway i know the only answer will come when I get tested. But it is a little confusing when so many symptoms of an anal abscess are the same as seroconversion, also now that the abscess has cleared up and the night fevers continue, it is deeply worrying. Just praying and I'm not usually a religious person.
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I just wanted to update on this, in case anyone read it and was as worried as I was. I went internet searching crazy the last couple of weeks as well as symptom searching. Grim reading, all the pieces were fitting together even a government warning of the highest national risk of HIV infection from sex workers in the exact town where my condom slipped, and I had been with an untetsted street sex worker, quite possibly a drug user - an epidemic was happening among drug using sex workers, she looked that way. Also read more on HIV transmission and the uncircumcised part of the penis seemed to be as or more receptive than the urethra to HIV infection. I think my urethra was covered at least most of the time, but the condom had slipped up past my foreskin only covering the glans penis. The red pimples on my back spread to my front, mainly stomach about 30 up to my neck( not so much on my chest), so obvious that I had to always wear T-shirt covering my body so my wife wouldn't ask me about this rash. Most of the pimples looked like folicitis and acne, but really hard to say, some did go more blotchy and were in clumps, most widespread over the upper and lower back but also over the front also. I have sensitive skin so have constant blemishes and red patches over my chest and neck, now with the pimples combined, it didn't look good, just looked like some of he HIV rash pictures. My lymph nodes started to feel sore in my groin and under my arm so that walking was sore. I also developed sore throat, and that run down fighting a virus feeling. Last night long after my anal abscess had subsided which could have caused night sweats, I annoying woke up in my unheated house again drenched in sweat. Very annoying as last night I had managed somehow to lower my anxiety. The symptoms just felt relentless and too obvious to ignore, trying to distract myself from them daily, but just kept coming back to haunt me and then the internet searching starts again which leads to sometimes reassurance then back to extreme worry when you find something else. Yesterday I went for a 28 day post exposure DUO HIV test at a private clinic. It felt good to do it, to know that at least someone else knows what I am going through and am not alone and that being on the road to finding out one way or the other would at least end the anxiety. A few minutes ago I got the results back over the phone and they said they are negative. Some say the results at 99%, some say 95% sure, so I will go back again in 6 weeks. The results haven't sunk in yet, but does feel a big weight off the shoulders. What an emotional journey, I feel for all those worried wells and also especially for those that test positive, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I will never again take a risk, its just not worth it. I think if as in my case if you work overseas in developing countries where you are constantly in situations where there are sex workers and alcohol in abundance, common sense often leaves the building. If you can't stay away from risk, I would advise to 'relieve' yourself thoroughly before leaving the hotel room as it helps return common sense to the mind. If you are out to get drunk, rule out any contact with sex workers, just get drunk. If you still end up with a sex worker in your room, remember a good hand job is better than sex sometimes, and is completely safe. If you can't resist a dip, do of course wear condoms but condoms do slip and break, a tiny flimsy latex layer separating you from a chronic illness, think about it. What I would say however is that the last few weeks have probably been the hardest of my life and it was self created, and the risks, guilt and mental torment outweighed the crappy 'thrill' 1 million times. Hindsight is the best adviser, so to others don't put yourself through this as I did. Also I had all the symptoms at the exact timing( complicated with an anorectal abscess which I thought was due to a suppressed immune system) so for worried wells, as many have said, the symptoms don't tell you anything and the mind and body can play tricks. In is not in my mind, I actually have a rash all over my trunk and aching lymph nodes, and my sheets on the bed are still wet from the night sweat, my tonsils are actually sore. Could well have been brought on my extreme worry and maybe a lower immune system because of the stress.  Anyway a long ramble, thoughts are with you all that stumble upon this.

How is your anal fistula?
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as far the condom didn't slip off completely as long as your penis head was proctected you have nothing to worry about, if you are not sure completely if the condom slip off totally then you should get tested, that's if you are not sure or cant remember if the condom stayed or not.

best wishes.
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