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Anal sex with hiv guy

I had anal sex with my bf who turned out to be hiv positive. I am gay. I took duo test at 4 weeks which was -ve. Do I need to take anymore tests?
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Your DUO test at 4 weeks post exposure  is virtually conclusive, and as mike_no has stated, the results are unlikely to change at 6 weeks. Testing again at 6 weeks is more for peace of mind, so it's worth it for that alone. I'm sure you know this now, but if your partner is HIV+ you absolutely MUST use a condom.
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Condoms and dental dams can HELP prevent transmission, USE THEM DURING ORAL ANAL AND VAGINAL SEX INCLUDING ORAL/ANAL (rimming) contact.
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Hey guys, got my results today. It was -ve. My exposure was on 10th April around 8 pm. Got tested today at 8 am. Have I cleared the window? Also, the doctor told me to go for another test at 3 months...is there any logic to that?
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No, not unless you took a 3rd generation test.  If you took another DUO, it's conclusive.  Testing to three months is a way outdated recommendation, and only applies to pre-4th generation tests.  

Congrats!  You are HIV-negative.
Thanks. I took the Hiv 1&2 Antibody & P24 Antigen test. First my readings were 0.050 and now they were 0.056. Any thoughts on this?
Nope.  Every time you take the test, the value will be different. It doesn't mean anything at all.  It's less than 1.  Your result of "negative" will not change even though you could take the test 10 times in a single day and get different readings.  

Forget about this event - you don't have HIV.
Thank u for taking your time out & helping me.
You're very welcome!
Sorry to bother again but I read somewhere that hiv 2 is more common in India than in US. And that 4th gen antigen test looks for hiv 1 antigens only...Since I am from India does that mean I am still at risk for Hiv 2. What’s the window period & appropriate testing for it? One of my friends told me that there have been a few cases for late hiv 2 detection in Mumbai, a city in India. Pls be so kind as to address this concern. I won’t mention the symptoms that I am facing coz they r no better than a test.
Incorrect.  The 4th generation test looks for both HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies.  It really is time to forget about HIV.
Yea I know that it looks for antibodies for both but in terms of antigens (which show up earlier than antibodies) it looks for Hiv 1 related P24 antigens. That was my concern. Not being paranoid or anything else. If you can address that
Your questions are endless but this is all you need to know. ` It really is time to forget about HIV. .
This’d be the last. If you can kindly address it. I m not in contact with my bf so don’t know if he’s positive with 1 or 2. And in India there’s some chance of hiv 2 that’s why wanted to know about lack of detection of hiv 2 antigens in 4th generation test. I too want to get over this
Your mind was made up before you came here, because you have ignored all the advice so I don`t know why you keep asking for more.
Your anxiety is a bit of a mental issue at this point so see your doc or therapist for one on one discussion because this forum can`t help with your mental issue.
1. HIV 2 infection is not common in India, your information isn't correct.

2. You tested negative at 42 days and at that point, even HIV 1 - p24 ag part of the test won't be useful as it's best between 14-28 days. If you were actually infected, at 6 weeks your body would have certainly responded to infection irrespective of HIV 1 or 2 with detectable amount of antibodies. The absence of it means that you were not infected and do not have an HIV concern any further.

3. Quit reading about HIV on the internet, you are misinterpreting information, it is not helping you. Please accept you don't have HIV, if you are unable, see a shrink.

Hi guys, sorry to bother you for one last time. You can close the thread if you feel after replying me one last time. Just got to know that my bf with whom I had exposure is hiv 2 positive. Are my test results still conclusive?
Your blood was tested, not his. Obviously your test result has nothing to do with him.
Andythaks913 May 27
This’d be the last.
mike_no May 27 If you were actually infected, at 6 weeks your body would have certainly responded to infection irrespective of HIV 1 or 2 with detectable amount of antibodies.
I’m going to say this, DO NOT FORGET ABOUT HIV, continue to get tested regularly at about 3 month intervals. Even with condoms. Still always know your status protect yourself and others  by education and knowledge!! HIV IS STILL BEING TRANSMITTED AMONG ALL CULTURES AND COUNTRIES! DO NOT FORGET HIV!
I guess you mean that if he countinue to have a sexually active life he should be tested regularly. However for this case his test is conclusive which proves he is not infected. Even Dr.Hook and Dr.Handsfield always said that a Duo Test is conlusive on 28.days and more. 3 months rule is just for 3th generation lab machines.
I agree with you, Panicatack1708.  Also, I do not feel that it is a wise use of a person's time and energy to test after non-risk events.  STDs are another story, as some can be transmitted orally or even when using condoms.  The OP is clearly HIV-negative following this event.
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Will that be absolutely final or would I need to test anymore?
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That will get you to 100% conclusive - you can forget about HIV after that.
Thank you so much....will post you after that
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Ok, it will be 6 weeks day after tomorrow
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Your result is highly unlikely to change, you could take a final one at 6 weeks for a conclusive.
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Was the sex protected or unprotected?
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