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Analingus and fellatio

I performed Analingus and fellatio on a man last night. He said he has been tested for hiv and other stds and is negative for everything. I believe him but in the case that he was mistaken am I correct to believe that I would still not be at risk for hiv? Today I noticed a scrape/irritation/possible small cut on my tongue. I didn't really notice it last night but it could have been there. I believe that the doctors in the forum have stated that even with the presence of sores or cuts oral sex of any kind is not a risk for hiv. Am I correct?
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Yes, you are correct, not to mention, the amount of blood & semen it would take for anyone to contract HIV could not be possible with your situation.
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Thanks so much man. Where did you learn all of this? From your profile you seem like such a positive person.
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Vance2335 or BeStrong_ have any input?
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