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Anemia issues in hiv ?

Hello doctor, i posted some years back with my exposure concerns. As the months past i found i got over my fear that exposure led to hiv until recently around 1.5 year ago i had some blood tests for working in a european country, and my HCM came in on the low side at 26.8 and also my red cell distribution was high at 15.3 this at the time wasnt much of a concern as the night previous i had been drinking heavy and also had a week or two of heavy binge drinking. Fast forward a year my wife still has continued health issues stomach and skin problems. She took some blood tests recently and she has also been told to contact the doctor for a restest on her fasting bloods and iron deficiency test as theses are not in the normal range.

My sexual history is around 20 partners some escorts or strippers but all my 1 time sexual partners have been fully protected with condom's and i have not experienced a break during these exsposures.

I assumed i may of been tested for all diseases for my health care package when working abroad but stupidly they sent out result to the client and the ones we received where not in my language.

My question is, is there a relationship with anemia and hiv say 5 years after a potential exsposure?  

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You'll have to find another place to work on your demons, this is a prevention forum.
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Thank you teak.

I realise i havent had a exposure of such in my mind all sex has been protected but theres always the demon at the back of my mind convincing me otherwise.

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The answer is no and you never had an exposure.
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