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Another Worried Sould For You

Exactly 6 weeks and 2 days ago I had unprotected sex with a woman who I paid and I know is paid for this by others.  Therefore, a high-risk event.  Nothing really has gone on since then except for recently (last few days).  I have developed a cough, some numbness in my toes in the mornings, joint pain, feeling very run-down (low energy), and headaches (no fever).  None of these are normal for me as I'm in the gym about 2 hours a day (and have been for quite a long time now).  I could include trouble sleeping but that is normal for me.  I know a male inserting into an infected female is lower risk than the opposite but a risk is a risk.

I took an OraQuick Oral test on Sunday (exactly 6 weeks nearly to the minute).  It came back negative which was nice and a bit reassuring.  However, I know 6 weeks isn't conclusive; especially being the kind of test it was.  Of course I'll retest again at 13 weeks to get my true diagnosis but until then what are the chances the 2nd Generation OraQuick saliva test at 6 weeks is accurate/inaccurate and will actually show positive on week 13?  I have read on Aidsmap -- "In particular, the OraQuick test (a version of which has been recently licensed by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for self-testing) had poor results when testing samples of saliva (rather than samples of fingerstick blood). All individuals with acute HIV infection and one-in-twenty individuals with established HIV infection were given false negative results by this test." -- http://www.aidsmap.com/Large-US-study-shows-which-HIV-tests-are-most-accurate/page/2812847/

Because of reading this I'm now wondering if the results can be believed or not.  Any advice is appreciated.  Please know, I will be getting tested again at 13 weeks so no need to remind me of that.
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Oraquick test are conclusive at 12 weeks from what I understand. And you hade unprotected sex with a csw. Who apparently is ok with having unprotected sex. The prudent thing to do is get a full panel test of std not just limited to HIV at 6 weeks. As your risk is not zero. If you get negative results consider yourself lucky. Remember it will only take you 2 minutes to wear a condom. But a lifetime to carry HIV.
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Do symptoms have to start before you can test positive? When I tested, I barely had any thing out of the ordinary. Now I have a cough and feeling rundown and headaches and etc etc. Nothing major and could be contributed to the weather changing. I highly doubt I'll be the first person to test negative at 6 weeks only to test positive later.
I would only need consider the oraquick test conclusive at 12 weeks. Since this is a 2nd gen test. But if it was a lab test where blood was drawn and it was a 3rd or 4th gen then i would consider it conclusive at 6 weeks.
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Would the finger pick test done in a lab be more conclusive right now or a complete blood test (2 week result one)?
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Lab based blood draw and test at 8-6 weeks, any quick test is 12 weeks.
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Scheduled to have blood drawn tomorrow at a lob which is day 47.  When it comes back negative (being  optimistic here) I guess I can finally relax a lot more.  What is your opinion on this test at this point in the whole spiel?
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Got my results back today.  My HIV test, not sure exactly which one was used, came back negative.  The blood was drawn on day 47.  With this negative result, am I clear or do I still have a need to worry until my 3 month test?
Even if the test for hiv was 3rd gen itbis already conclusive at 6 weeks or more. Congratulations! If you want additional peace of mind you may test at 12 weeks. It is not going to change. Congratulations you do not have hiv!
thank you for your response. I greatly appreciate it. Unlike others, I will not keep harassing for more information. I wish you the best.
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