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Anus Frottage

Hello, Me again...

I'm gay. I've never had anal sex before. I met someone yesterday. We kissed etc.  You know, simple lovemaking. Then he wanted to rub my anus. I knew beforehand that this was not a risk. That's why I accepted. After a little rimming he started to rub. Then suddenly the head of the penis forced my anus. It hurt and I wanted it to stop. I am 100% sure this is not penetration. However, I felt like his penis was snuggling slightly into the ring-like muscle in the anus. I found out on the internet that this is dipping and it is transmitted this way. I thought the penis had to be completely inside for penetration to occur. However, this too was a kind of penetration.

While I had just taken my anxiety under control, now it's out of control again.
Does this situation pose a risk? I wanted to ask you too.

Many thanks!
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Why didn't you use a condom, knowing that you have high anxiety related to HIV?

This *may* be a risk, but it is an extraordinarily low risk, given the brevity of any penetration.  The choice to test for this event or not is completely up to you, but most people wouldn't bother, especially with a partner who is not known to have HIV.

This was a little unexpected. Actually, what happened is that I had tightened myself. He pressed the tip of his penis to my anus while rubbing. That's why it hurt and I'm sure he didn't come in. He just forced, and that's why it hurt.  I am so afraid. What do you think in this situaton?
I already told you what I think of this situation.  If you are concerned, then test.  There's nothing more that anyone can say, and we can't help you with your fear and anxiety.
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Today is the 84th day. I took the test and now I'm waiting for results. Do you think there is much difference between 84 and 90 days? Do I need to repeat after 90 days? Thanks.
I got my result. Negative. Is the negative result on the 84th day sufficient?
You don't need to repeat the test.  You are negative for HIV and you can move on with your life.
Your doctor doesn't normally order 2 tests so it would be abnormal for you to do another.
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