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Anxiety,Rapid Test, Flipped condom with vaginal fluids

1) What is the risk of having vaginal fluid on the condom, the condom being exposed to air outside the vagina and flipping the condom i.e. turning the condom inside out and wearing it again? Doesn't the vaginal fluid that comes in contact with the penis/penis head/receptive membranes pose any risk? This happened to me sometime towards the end of February. I had contact with the vaginal fluids when I wore the same condom just flipping it.

2) How reliable is a rapid test after exactly 3 months of exposure?

3) The symptoms are like any other infection. I had terrible sore throat and the WORST FEVER EVER in the month of march. This fever subsided in 6 days with medication. Is this any sign?

4) In June I found one swollen cervical  lymph node on the left of my neck which was confirmed by my physician and ultrasound which is invisible and can only be noticed when touched. One said my lymph node is palpable but normal but one said a palpable node means there's something wrong.How swollen do lymph nodes get?

5) In June for 2 weeks I had joint and muscle pain in both my knees and elbows as well as ankle and my neck which kept coming after intervals and used to last for a few seconds. How is the joint and muscle pain? is it like what I described, is it mild or severe? The contact with vaginal fluids happened in march and all this happened in June.

6) is it possible for symptoms to occur after 3 months of exposure?

7)Does one lymph node remain swollen for 3 months after exposure?
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1.) No risk. HIV is a fragile virus and it's outer shell is destroyed when exposed to changes in PH and Oxygen levels rendering it unable to infect seconds after leaving its host.

2.) 3 months is conclusive for every test including the rapid test.

3.) Nope. It's not. It was a coincidental viral illness.

4.) That's like asking how long is a piece of string.

5.) You did NOT have ANY risk which means any symptoms you think you're having are not in anyway related to HIV.

6.) NO

7.) Yes, they can.

In adults, HIV is transmitted by:

Unprotected Anal/Vaginal Sex
Sharing IV drug equipment
Direct blood contact as in infected blood transfusions.

Uses condoms for vaginal and anal sex, and you will avoid HIV infection.
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KJ268, thank you so much. I just want to know what is the fever like, I mean does it go away with medication?

What is the joint and muscle pain like? Is it persistent and severe or is it mild and stays for a few seconds and is recurring?

And the last thing the lymph node that I mentioned is invisible, it can only be notices when touched. Do lymph nodes swell up really huge so that they are visible or they can be tiny as my node? And there is only one lymph node.

Thanks a ton. It is much appreciated.
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We are not going to speak baout symptoms because they will not tell you anything about HIV, nor will a lack of.
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It varies person to person. Like Vance said, we do not discuss symptoms. They are a terribly, poor indicator. Take it from me. In general though, classical ARS symptoms are a high fever (above 101), severe joint and muscle pains where you can barely stand up and walk for a long time, severe sore throat where you can barely swallow your own saliva and a generalized rash.

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Thank you Vance
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Thank you KJ. Much appreciated. I had no severe pain and no generalized rash.
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Just a last question, if there is a rash how is it? I just remembered scratching all over my body - hands, feet, trunk and having an itchy skin. But I am scratching even now, it has been months.
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Move on.
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Move along. You have had no risk.
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Thank you Vance
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Thank you KJ
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Your test result is irrelevant since you had no risk of infection to begin with.
Forget about this whole incident.
But, since you are wondering, an FDA approved rapid test is conclusive at 12 weeks post exposure if negative.
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I missed the date of the post. Sorry, but it was posted at the top....vexing!
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