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Anxiety or HIV

I had an encounter, with a man in Mexico, whom I didn't know his status. I have been abstinent for 2 yr so let's just say I lost my mind in Mexico. Now I am scared he might have infected me. He didn't come in me, and it was only for a short time. The oral sex he performed on was quite extensive though, which left me a little sore.

Encounter happened on July 9th, and it has been a little over 2 weeks. The only symptoms i have had so far is diarrhea, which my girlfriends all got. We believe it must have been something we all ate at the resort. But still I am scared. Well today, my throat is a little itchy, and my tongue has been feeling very weird.

I went to go see by OB and they have done all test for all STD's including pregnancy. All came out negative, now they are waiting on the HIV test.

I am concerned because I had these test done 4 days when i got back from Mexico, so I am not sure if anything will show up.

Can anyone let me know what the odds are me getting HIV. As i stated I have only had diarrhea, and this itchy throat that just started today.

I so stressed that, i am throwing up all day (i am borderline bulemic). Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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First you were in South America and now you are in Mexico? Make up your mind.

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Oh am sorry, i didnt know we were checking semantics on here. It was Mexico, if you feel better!!!
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