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Anxiety over 2 possible HIV exposures

Four months ago I came in contact with  HIV/Hep C blood.  It was on my hands and do not recall having any cuts or open wounds on my hands other than maybe a few open cuticles.  About 3 weeks after that I had unprotected sex with a man of unknown HIV status. He has recently told me that he was tested about 6 weeks ago from a work exposure and was negative but I did not actually see the results.  The first exposure was the first day in August and the unprotected sex was a few weeks later.

At the end of Sept I developed a UTI and was treated. I have a history of HPV and at this time I noticed a small bump near my anus. Later this was diagnosed as a possible anal fissure however a viral culture of this area did test positive for HSV.  About a week later I developed a terrible runny nose and sore throat which lasted a few days. Since this time I have had cobblestoning in the back of my throat which is irritated off and on.  Some of the bumps are much larger than others. I have no know allergies but have never been tested.  When this all started I must also confess that I had major anxiety and suffered a 13 pound weight loss, night sweats, tremors, ect...all of which I attibuted to my anxiety.   I have also developed swollen lymph nodes in my cervical area...all of which are small under 1cm but there are multiple lymph nodes present-around 7.  I also have a few small lymph nodes in my pelvis along with a lymph node on my right inguinal area that may be a little over 1cm.  These have been present for at least 5 weeks now.  On top of all of this a few weeks ago I developed a dark red dotted rash on my back. It was under and above my bra line. It only lasted a dayor two but it was a significant rash( I do have pictures if it helps).  So far I have tested HIV negative at 6 and 10 weeks, I have had mutiple STD tests of my cervix and throat as well as blood work....all of which were negative except HSV 1 antibody.  (All at 10 weeks post last exposure).  My fear is that the lymph nodes, although small are very persistant, the bumps on my throat(lymphatic tissue) and the symptoms I attributed to stress could also be signs of HIV.  I guess my question is, are my symptoms to far out to be considered?  Would my 10 week post exposure bloodwork for HIV be 100% accurate or could I now be developing more and more symptoms.  Any information would be appreciated. I have been going crazy since I develped the rash.

Thank You for your time.

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ARS symptoms don't come on after 4 weeks. Your symptoms are not related.
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Thank you for your comment....after much research I have found also that  ARS symptoms are within 2-4 weeks post exposure, however lymph nodes and rash may develop later.(which is my case).  I dont feel all of my symptoms fall into HIV symptoms but a few of the bigger symptoms do. Anyway, that is the information I have found, but again I am no expert by any means. I do not think my symptoms are ARS...if anything early onset of HIV symptoms. I plan on retesting in a few weeks, and at that point it would be after the onset of my lymph nodes and rash and therefore will 100% rule out an HIV infection diagnosis.  Thanks again and Merry Christmas!!!!!!
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